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Developing a Proactive IP Strategy: Best Practices for University Start-Ups

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Originally presented: June 26, 2014

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What’s your “IP Score” and how can you use it to develop your start-up’s IP strategy? Find out in this revealing program!

Once a patent application is filed and a start-up is created out of university technology, most TTOs and company founders assume their IP-related work is done. It’s a common mistake, and it’s an assumption that can ultimately kill the start-up.

Protecting the IP of your start-up is a paramount continuing challenge that you ignore at your peril, and developing a proactive IP strategy to mitigate risk is a critical imperative. Too many early-stage start-ups neglect to ask themselves what their long-term IP strategy will be on an ongoing basis. To grow and succeed, you must regularly evaluate:

  • How defensible is the technology?
  • What is the differentiating and novel aspect of the technology that we can support?
  • What are the key patents that lie close to the product or service that is being offered?
  • Who are the established and emerging companies within the given space?
  • How should the company go about identifying additional white space?
  • What are the key steps the company should take now that will maximize the long-term value creation associated with the business plan of the company? 

To provide guidance and answer the above questions, Anurag Bist, PhD, Founder and Chairman of Ashmar IP, has created a unique scoring system that dissects IP relevance, maturity and ease of implementation and helps you develop a workable long-term IP strategy.

Please join Technology Transfer Tactics and Dr. Bist for this eye-opening one hour program:

Developing a Proactive IP Strategy:
Best Practices for University Start-Ups

Dr. Bist will cover the key IP issues and strategies all early-stage companies should address. Some key highlights:

  • How to decipher an “IP Score” for your company
  • Best practices for developing a proactive IP strategy
  • How to position your current and future patents and products in relation to competitive IP
  • Why and how ignoring IP strategy can lead to the company’s ultimate demise

Meet Your Expert Presenter:

Anurag Bist, PhD, Founder and Chairman of Ashmar IP, brings years of entrepreneurial, leadership and intellectual property domain experience to the founding team of Ashmar IP. In 1999, he co-founded VxTel, a successful fabless semiconductor company providing silicon solutions for VoIP infrastructure. Dr. Bist led the worldwide firmware team at VxTel and helped grow the company from 5 people to over 160 in 2 years. In 2001, Intel acquired VxTel for $550 million in cash. Subsequent to VxTel, Dr. Bist was also co-founder and CEO of Moxair, which  developed solutions for low power display technology for tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. Dr. Bist has held various technical and management positions in companies such as Intel, Conexant Systems, Rockwell Semiconductor Systems and AT&T Bell Labs. He holds over 20 U.S. patents and has several other patents pending. 

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