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De-Risk Your University IP by Mobilizing a Community-based Evaluation Team

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Originally presented: February 09, 2016

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risk-cuttingA huge challenge when de-risking your IP is doing it in a timely, cost-effective and transparent manner that reduces wasted effort and brings more high-potential technologies and start-ups forward

Most tech transfer offices have painstakingly created a set path by which IP moves through the stages of disclosure, market evaluation and funding. While this path may be well travelled, you may be missing big opportunities by simply “staying the course.”

The University of Utah has blazed a new trail for de-risking and moving technologies forward to the marketplace – and its process and strategies can help your TTO significantly improve its own vetting and de-risking efforts. They have created a close-knit community of business leaders, funding experts, investors and strategic partners to assist in assessing IP. They work within an innovative framework called the “Commercialization Engine,” and it consists of three separate evaluation stages:

The 2-stroke: Focuses on early-stage IP and provides a go/no go decision on a strict timeline.

The 4-cylinder: Assesses the market potential and scaling of a product by moving it through a customized stage-gate process.

The V8: Focuses primarily on licensed technology, governance of the IP, management, and advanced funding series.

Each stage in the Commercialization Engine is milestone-driven and completely customized for each invention. On February 9th, you can learn all the details and specifics that underlie this unique and proven-effective model in this practical webinar: De-Risk Your University IP by Mobilizing a Community-based Evaluation Team.

You’ll hear directly from U of Utah’s interim director James E. Thompson, who will walk you through each stage of the process while revealing:

How did they get here? Get the backstory on what brought about this new process, and the key issues and challenges addressed in its construction.

The Engine Committee: Hear how are members chosen and recruited, what their stakes are in the IP, how they assist in the vetting and de-risking process, and the benefits of membership.

How it works: Learn how technologies are evaluated, criteria used for placement in each category, stage-gate specifics, and how technologies are moved along the continuum.

Funding: How is the Commercialization Engine supported? How does its de-risking process afford inventors and investors more robust opportunities?

Your Session Leader:

James E. Thompson, M.S.James E. Thompson, M.S.
Interim Executive Director
Technology and Venture Commercialization Office
University of Utah


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