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Get Aggressive and Double Your Faculty’s Invention Disclosure Rate

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Originally presented: February 19, 2013

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Without a clear, bright line to and from researchers, and a positive perception of the TTO among faculty, chances are you’re missing out on promising inventions and potential blockbuster IP, not to mention potential start-ups. The health of faculty-TTO relationships – and the health of your IP pipeline from research labs – can be gauged most directly by the rate of invention disclosures. How does your disclosures-per-researcher or per-research-dollar stack up against similar institutions? Is the rate rising or falling? What do faculty surveys reveal? What roadblocks can be addressed, and how can the process be made more efficient? Are your outreach efforts working, and can they be enhanced? Those questions are critical, but they only tell part of the story, according to Gary Briet, Director of Innovation Management at the University of Louisiana- Lafayette.

When Gary headed up the University of Manitoba tech transfer office, he spearheaded the effort to double the school’s invention disclosures and was wildly successful. But that success wasn’t merely based on sheer volume – it came by way of an increased number of high-quality disclosures. After all, working dozens of invention files with little or no potential in the marketplace does nothing for your TTO except bog staff down with too much work and too little revenue to show for it. So while you might double your disclosures, you might also double your inefficiency in terms of true commercialization. So Gary’s strategy focused on BOTH numbers and quality, and the outstanding results speak for themselves.

Now, he is leading the launch of the new Office of Innovation Management at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette, where he’s applying the lessons learned and ramping up the outreach and disclosure efforts. Join Gary as he shares his past experiences, successes, roadblocks and current plans for doubling the faculty disclosure rate with high quality IP.

Get Aggressive and Double Your
Faculty’s Invention Disclosure Rate

In this nuts-and-bolts case study you’ll hear dozens of tested and proven-effective strategies for improving faculty relations, conducting impactful outreach, and dramatically increasing the number of high-quality disclosures coming into your TTO. Here’s a brief look at just some of what you’ll learn:

  • Boost disclosures by utilizing these proven, workable models
  • Proactive outreach is the key: Use these 5 solid strategies that work
  • The iterative process that builds and sustains higher levels of IP disclosures
  • Setting productivity expectations for faculty
  • Combating the perceived “extra burden” that innovation and inventorship brings to academe
  • How to keep the momentum going and maintain a higher disclosure rate

Plus, we’ll review the latest AUTM licensing survey data on invention disclosures and other relevant metrics

Your Expert Presenter:

Garold Briet, Director of Innovation Management with the University of Louisiana- Lafayette, is a leader with extensive experience in technology-based organizations. Mr. Breit’s career began at Revlon, where he served as a senior Brand Manager and on the Corporate Acquisitions Team. Mr. Breit has served as the president of established and emerging companies (Antibodies, Incorporated, BLI and RedStorm Scientific) and has launched successful intellectual asset programs at dramatically different academic institutions (Creighton University, the University of South Alabama) and, has revitalized programs at the University of Texas and the University of Manitoba. He has consulted with Boys Town National Research Hospital on complex intellectual property matters since 1993. Mr. Briet also founded Southwest BIO, the Texas venture conference, in 2001, and is a member of the OWL Angel Fund.

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