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Establish a Creative Works Licensing Program to Enhance Your TTO’s Revenue and Faculty Service

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Originally presented: September 24, 2015

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University TTOs that focus exclusively on patenting, licensing or spinning out technologies are ignoring a wealth of potential revenue in the form of creative intellectual property — aka “creative works.” These educational programs, curricula, music, art, institutional marks, school logos, and other valuable forms of IP often aren’t disclosed because their commercial and financial potential isn’t readily recognized – and the faculty involved are not engaged by the TTO. If your office is among those without a creative works IP effort, you could be leaving significant dollars on the table while jeopardizing your university’s copyright and trademark rights.

That’s why Technology Transfer Tactics’ Distance Learning Division has partnered with two top creative works licensing experts to help you meet the challenges associated with creative works, build your revenues from this often overlooked source of IP, and extend your faculty service to your entire campus. Please join us for this practical, how-to webinar:

Establish a Creative Works Licensing Program to Enhance Your TTO’s Revenue and Faculty Service

You’ll get expert, from-the-field guidance from Timothy Benoit-Ledoux, the University of New Hampshire’s creative works licensing manager, and Lisa Goble, PhD, a tech transfer and creative works licensing veteran with UNC-Greensboro. Here’s a brief look at what they’ll cover:

  • Understanding what is – and what is not – a creative work
  • Identifying and engaging with faculty in “non-tech” schools and departments
  • How to boost disclosures of creative works – and boost your TTO’s revenue
  • Best practices in drafting licenses for:
    • Curriculum-based creative works
    • Institutional marks
    • Literature
    • Artwork
    • Music
    • Images, and more…
  • How to calculate royalty rates for creative works
  • Advice for handling infringement cases
  • Managing the specific challenges faced when managing student- and faculty-owned vs.
    university-owned creative works

PLUS: Participate in the live, interactive Q&A portion of the program!

Your Expert Presenters:

Timothy Benoit-LedouxTimothy Benoit-Ledoux, Licensing Manager for Creative Works, University of New Hampshire. Tim manages UNH’s trademark licensing program, the College of Health and Human Services, Cooperative Extension, College of Liberal Arts, The Institute on Disability, and any other disclosures related to copyright or trademark issues. He has worked for a number of years establishing his expertise in trademark, copyright, software, and entertainment law. Tim combines his knowledge of the law and experiences with creative works to offer faculty, staff, and students at UNH strategies and assistance to best protect and promote their IP. Additionally, he develops grant proposals for UNH that emphasize commercialization, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Prior to joining the UNH, Tim worked for a boutique intellectual property law firm, where he gained extensive knowledge prosecuting trademark applications in the United States and internationally. In addition, he has participated in copyright infringement matters, worked with a wide range of artists from music to graphical artists to apparel designers, and is knowledgeable about new media, both its legal and business implications. Tim is a member of the New Hampshire Bar and U.S. District Court of New Hampshire.

Lisa A. GobleLisa A. Goble, PhD, Licensing and Research Policy Officer, Office of Research and Economic Development, UNC Greensboro. Dr. Goble has been working with UNC Greensboro since 2003, leveraging 30+ years of professional experience to support UNCG’s research commercialization and industry outreach efforts. She has been instrumental in establishing policy and building the infrastructure of the technology transfer office in its early stages, which has worked to commercialize all forms of intellectual property since its inception. As the former Women’s College of NC, UNCG has a variety of innovations that fall into the non-patentable “Creative Works” category, and Dr. Goble’s experience with commercializing creative innovations span across many years. Wearing many hats, Goble also handles export control and conflict of interest issues for the university.

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