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Establishing Affinity Funds for University Startups: Tap Into Alumni for a New Investment Stream

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Originally presented: February 23, 2016

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By all measures, universities are launching more faculty and student start-ups than ever before. And while that’s a positive, it also means there’s a growing and urgent need for new investment dollars to keep those start-ups moving forward.

A growing number of institutions have turned to their own alumni, creating angel and VC-type funds that are tied to the university by more than self-interest alone, but also by strong bonds to the school itself. These “affinity” funds reap huge benefits by providing university start-ups with critical community-based financial support. But creating and managing such a fund is a major undertaking with major challenges — to the point that some universities are opting for an arms-length relationship with for-profit, alumni-funded firms.

To guide you in considering the options and in creating a vibrant alumni-focused fund, Technology Transfer Tactics has scheduled this strategy-filled webinar:

Establishing Affinity Funds for University Startups:
Tap Into Alumni for a New Investment Stream

Join us as a team of experts from UC San Diego leads this highly informative session. They will cover:

Comparing in-house funds, university-affiliated funds, and private alumni funds:

  • Pros and cons of each type of fund
  • How each type of fund contributes to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of your university
  • Which type of fund suits your university’s mission and IP commercialization goals best

Establishing an affinity fund:

  • Step-by-step guide to planning and executing your fund
  • How to recruit high quality investors
  • How to set up a fund that will speed the funding process
  • Working with your fundraising office to avoid conflict
  • Branding your fund to attract new investors
  • Integrating with the TTO and ensuring strong deal flow

Benefits to Tech Transfer:

  • How alumni-based funds can provide steady access to capital, resources, mentors and CEOs, education programs, and local incubators

Paul RobenPaul Roben, PhD
Associate Vice Chancellor
Innovation & Technology Commercialization
University of California, San Diego

Dr. Roben works in concert with the Vice Chancellor for Research to transform the functions provided by the Technology Transfer Office, Industry Research Alliances and Industry Contracting into an integrated organization to include patenting with strategic corporate research partnering and industry contracts. He also works to promote a strategic and multidisciplinary approach to the commercialization of technologies, including the creation of start-ups at UC San Diego.

Greg HorowittGreg Horowitt
Co-Founder and Senior Advisor
University of California, San Diego

Global CONNECT is a consultancy focused on the development and growth of successful innovation-based clusters worldwide, and has grown to encompass one of the world’s largest networks of innovation hubs, including 40 programs in
20 countries. Greg is also the Co-Founder and Managing Director of T2 Venture Capital, a seed and early stage venture fund and advisory firm focused on high impact innovation in the technology and healthcare sectors. 

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