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Effective Management of Material Transfer and Data Use Agreements

Strategies to Strengthen Legal Protection and Gain Efficiency
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Originally presented: Tuesday, May 10, 2022
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Material transfer and data use agreements between universities, industry sponsors, and other outside collaborators are often viewed as routine. Yet the IP, privacy, and legal implications of these agreements – and the sheer number that must be effectively tracked and managed – tell a different story.

These agreements are critical to the operation – and the protection – of the university research enterprise, establishing who is permitted to use and receive a unique data set or research material, along with the allowable uses and disclosures of the data and/or materials by the recipient, while assigning appropriate responsibility to the researcher and recipient.

But often these contractual mechanisms and the logistics surrounding them can create legal, regulatory, and operational challenges for both parties, making an effective and efficient process imperative to ensure your university steers clear of entanglements and avoids backlogs.

That’s why we have tapped Jessica Boyle, an attorney and Associate Director at the University of Iowa’s Division of Sponsored Programs, where she leads the contracts team, for this practical distance learning program:

Effective Management of Material Transfer and Data Use Agreements

Ms. Boyle has designed this webinar workshop to provide you with guidance on:

  • The optimal contractual structures of Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) and Data Use Agreements (DUAs)
  • Common problems and mistakes, and how to avoid them
  • Industry and university perspectives on negotiating appropriate terms and conditions in MTAs and DUAs
  • How to negotiate more efficiently for a smoother collaboration
  • How to gain efficiency in processing agreements and avoid overburdening staff, faculty, and partner organization
  • Overcoming common logistical challenges associated with these type of agreements

Meet your presenter:

Jessica BoyleJessica Boyle
Associate Director
Division of Sponsored Programs
University of Iowa

Ms. Boyle leads the contracts team where her office reviews, drafts, and negotiates selected proposals, funding contracts, non-monetary agreements, and subawards related to externally funded research. She has extensive experience reviewing and negotiating a variety of research related contracts and working with industry sponsors and the federal government.

Prior to joining the University of Iowa, she worked as an attorney where she practiced in the areas of employment law and civil litigation. Ms. Boyle received a Juris Doctor (JD) from Mitchell Hamline School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Political Science with a minor in French from the University of Iowa.

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