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Separating the Winners from the Losers: Conducting an Effective Market Analysis for Your University’s Inventions

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Originally presented: March 19, 2008

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Prioritizing among the many innovations in your organization’s IP portfolio — and determining where to focus your limited resources — is one of the most critical challenges faced by tech transfer professionals. Decisions on which projects to push, which inventions to patent, and when to “pull the plug” cannot be made lightly — and cannot be made in an information vacuum.

How do you make those tough choices, and increase the likelihood you’re betting on winners and steering clear of costly losers?

Separating the Winners from the Losers:
Conducting an Effective Market Analysis for Your University’s Inventions

Effective market analysis goes beyond the technical proof-of-concept into proof of commercial viability. You must assess every key marketplace factor so you know with the highest confidence when to “green light” a project, when to drop it, and when to put it on the back burner for further development. That’s why Technology Transfer Tactics has arranged a 90-minute consult for you and your entire staff with one of the world’s most dynamic, accomplished market analysis experts — a technology development and commercialization veteran who literally wrote the book on the subject.

The expert is Wendy Kennedy, her book is So what? who cares? why you?®: The Inventor’s Commercialization Toolkit. And as part of your order you’ll receive a FREE copy of this valuable reference. It’s being used by leading universities and labs worldwide to help rapidly turn ideas into commercial products. It sells normally for $59.95 and comes with access to an online library of commercialization support tools!

Enhance your market analysis strategies and
make commercialization decision with more confidence!

This will not be a theoretical session or a basics course on marketing concepts. You’ll get practical, step-by-step guidance on how to effectively employ a commercialization team — including your researchers — to assemble key information on market opportunities, competition, revenue potential, and potential roadblocks. Our focus will be on using market analysis to help guide investment and patent decisions, prioritize your portfolio of innovations, and determine where to place your bets, when to fold your cards, and when you need to fill information gaps before moving forward.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this dynamic session:

  • The 4 myths about market analysis
  • Your market analysis toolkit — 4 “back of the envelope” tools designed for commercialization professionals
  • Bringing researchers into the market analysis process
  • 3 tips to assess the market readiness of an invention
  • Identifying the market opportunity
  • Defining real customer pain — a 4-point diagnostic
  • The best (and worst) data sources for market analysis
  • Analyzing emerging markets — where to turn when no data exists
  • 4 simple steps to pinpoint the best potential partners, licensees, and customers
  • Mapping a path to the money
  • Competitive Analysis — an approach to spot, plot and prioritize competitors
  • Using Market Analysis Worksheets — show transparency and objectivity in the process
  • and much, much more!

Meet Your Speaker

Wendy Kennedy is a seasoned technology executive, award-winning professor and author. Best described as an “entrepreneurial professor,” Wendy has spent more than 20 years working with research labs, innovation centers, university commercialization offices, entrepreneurship and incubation centers, VCs, and high-growth technology companies on the commercialization of ideas. Driven by her passion for igniting technology ideas into commercial successes and through her hands-on experience, she has developed unique tools and approaches to help commercialization professionals bridge the gap between brilliant discoveries and the commercial value those ideas represent. So what? who cares? why you?™: The Inventor’s Commercialization Toolkit is the result of her combined experiences and is a proven methodology for extracting the commercial value from scientific and technical innovations. Learn more about Wendy and the toolkit at


So what? who cares? why you?®: The Inventor’s Commercialization Toolkit offers a three-pronged approach to identify and articulate commercial opportunities as part of the investment review process:


  • So what? Provides hands-on techniques for evaluating a great technical idea in terms of the business problem it addresses and where it fits into the market landscape.
  • Who cares? Guides innovators through an exploration of markets and customers by fleshing out who will actually pay money to solve the business problem. This encompasses mapping the best path to market and defining the business model that will allow the idea to make money.
  • Why you? Offers tools to zero in on what makes an idea — and the team behind it — different enough and valuable enough to be chosen over competitive alternatives. It provides a roadmap for turning the idea, the market opportunity and the business model into a compelling story that gets potential investors and partners listening.

The 150-page, roll-up-your-sleeves workbook is accompanied by the online ToolShed, a rich resource center that complements the book with ongoing coaching in the form of downloadable templates, tools, tutorials, narrated real-world examples, and more. The methodology has been repeatedly proven inside organizations including: Pennsylvania State University, the University of Central Florida, Purdue Research Foundation, Mississippi State University, Federal Partners in Technology Transfer, the National Research Council, and others. More detail is available at

Who Should Listen

Technology transfer managers and professionals, IP marketers, licensing specialists, business-minded researchers, university deans and department heads, corporate technology managers, IP consultants and attorneys, investors, and other research commercialization professionals.

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