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TTOs: Fast-Track Your Innovations

Format: On-Demand Video/Transcript, or DVD
Originally presented: September 15, 2010

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Prolific entrepreneur Nick Webb has studied over 200 of the most innovative companies in the world to find out how they increase speed-to-market and, ultimately, the profitability of their innovations. In fact, Nick – a serial inventor himself – has literally written the book on breakthrough innovation strategies. Now he’s revealing the secrets to more effective and faster innovation in this eye-opening 90-minute webinar designed specifically for tech transfer professionals and faculty innovators.

Prepare to have your assumptions, strategies, and even the way you think about innovation challenged!

Nick Webb is one of the most sought-after and dynamic speakers in the innovation game. Why? Because he delivers his message with passion, and with a thought-provoking approach that will challenge your long-held assumptions and may just serve as a launchpad for transforming your organization into a world-beater in terms of delivering what your customers want and speeding those customer-driven innovations to market. In this exciting and no-holds-barred session, he’ll apply his compelling brand of innovation management to the tech transfer setting and its unique challenges.

This webinar is guaranteed to get your innovation juices flowing and spark your organization to faster and more market-driven commercialization. You’ll also take away dynamic and easy-to-understand tools and real world deliverables that can be applied immediately. 

TTOs: Fast-Track Your Innovations

Here’s a quick look at just a fraction of what you’ll learn about:

  • Building a systemic culture of innovation
  • Fast-tracking innovation assessments with the Webb triangle
  • How to automate innovation filtration
  • Keys to developing world-class innovation platforms
  • Replacing risk management with opportunity management
  • Assuring maximum market penetration with customer-driven innovations
  • How to “out-invent” the competition using innovation safaris
  • Tools for value layering your innovations
  • Introduction to the state-of-the-art RealOpenTM innovation management system

Plus, you’ll also hear case studies and lessons learned from world-leading innovators that you can adapt in your organization.

Here’s what previous attendees at Nick Webb’s seminars have to say about the program:

“Very inspiring and real. In a world of hype, Nick cuts through to the core.”
– John Lopker

“Nick cut out the fluff and provided real substance that could be immediately implemented as soon as you leave.”
– Mike Kirkpatrick

“A wonderful seminar experience. One of the most professional and positive experiences of my career!”
– Charlie Childers

Excellent to be provided a system to use in evaluating the viability of a product.”
– Joanne Angell

“An easy to follow plan. To get to point “D”, you must first go to ‘A’ through ‘B’ through ‘C’ and if your ideas make it through the proper steps, then and only then do you do ‘D.'”
– Bruce Engles

Meet Nick Webb

As the CEO of Lassen Innovation, Webb leads his firm in helping companies gain a competitive edge through “Value Added Innovation.” The firm’s consulting clients range from multi-national corporations, such as Mitsui Medical Corporation, to dozens of smaller companies, including EagleVision, a pioneer in ocular implants, and PRI, Inc., a major developer of anti-depressant drugs. A former CEO of Micro Dynamics Medical and SunMedica, Inc., Webb is also one of the founding partners of Nupak Medical and Talon Medical. In addition, he is a Certified Management Consultant and a successful inventor, having recently been awarded his twenty-seventh patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Webb and his inventions have been featured on several national television shows, including NBC’s “Nightline” and “The Leeza Show.” Webb’s inventions include the Flex Plug, a design used in one of the smallest human implants. In addition, his KidMatchTM program is used by hospitals all over the country to ensure newborns are not switched at birth. He has also invented a program used by care agencies to make sure that patients recuperating at home take their medications on schedule.

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