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How to Outsource and Offshore TTO Activities for Huge Savings and Efficiency Gains

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Originally presented: February 28, 2012

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With a variety of risk-reward structures that can limit out-of-pocket costs, offshoring and other outsourcing options are gaining favor. As TTOs struggle with staff and budget crunches — and with piles of invention disclosures that seem to grow larger by the day — it’s virtually impossible using existing resources to handle the backlog of promising innovations and the constant pressure for action from faculty inventors.

That’s where an effective outsourcing strategy can help, as a growing number of TTOs are discovering. When structured and managed effectively, outsourcing can assist in getting more IP assessed, developed, and licensed while freeing up staff time and helping solidify faculty relations. And it can save money too – lots of money – by replacing high-cost vendors with less expensive offshoring options that maintain quality while stretching your budget dollars. Some of the key and time-consuming tasks to consider for outsourcing solutions include:

  • prior art  and freedom to operate analyses
  • patent prosecution support
  • market assessments and licensee identification
  • technology assessments
  • portfolio assessment and triage
  • competition analyses
  • infringement and enforcement analaysis
  • licensee audits 
  • foreign filings 
  • start-up leadership

You’ll learn the ins and outs of outsourcing success from a team of experts in this practical distance learning program:

How to Outsource and Offshore TTO Activities
for Huge Savings and Efficiency Gains

Our program faculty will share their outsourcing success stories and provide dozens of usable takeaways you can implement immediately to start chipping away at your backlog and bring more technologies to the marketplace. Please join Anurag Bist, PhD, founder and chairman of AshmarIP ( and Lee Marvin Taylor from the University of Hawaii for this unique distance learning session, where you’ll discover:

  • Real-life examples of how outsourcing has benefitted tech transfer programs and their staffs
  • Due diligence required in choosing the right outsourcing partner
  • Case studies of how outsourcing has helped TTOs meet specific goals
  • Tips on how to best integrate the outsourcing component in your decision metrics
  • Strategies for monitoring outsourced activities and ensuring high quality
  • Processes that make outsourcing a win-win for licensing officers, researchers and the university

Program Faculty

Anurag Bist, PhD, brings years of entrepreneurial, leadership and IPR domain experience to the founding team of Ashmar. In 1999, Anurag co-founded VxTel, a successful fabless semiconductor company providing silicon solutions for VoIP infrastructure. Anurag led the worldwide firmware team at VxTel and helped grow the company from 5 people to over 160 in 2 years. In 2001, Intel acquired VxTel for $550 million in cash. Anurag has held various technical and management positions in companies such as Intel, Conexant Systems, Rockwell Semiconductor Systems and AT&T Bell Labs. He holds close to 20 issued US patents and has more than 15 other patents pending. At AshmarIP Anurag and his team works with over a dozen technology transfer offices in North America, and several abroad. They engage in analysis and research that helps in due diligence ,triaging, and monetization of IP portfolios. They also work in designing IP strategies for new or existing portfolios coming out of universities and affiliated research organizations.

Lee Marvin Taylor, JD, LLM, MBA, is a technology licensing associate at the University of Hawaii’s Office of Technology Transfer and Economic Development (OTTED). Prior to working at OTTED, Mr. Taylor identified a promising UH technology that formed the basis of his entry in a university business plan competition. This technology won first prize and was incorporated as Adama Materials; the company recently closed a Series A funding round of $4.75M. In his current role, Mr. Taylor initiated OTTED’s tri-annual technology showcase that features promising university technology for the local business community. Mr. Taylor regularly consults on IP matters with various stakeholders located in India, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. mainland.

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