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Invention Assessment and Triage: Improve Your TTO’s Process and Optimize Resource Allocation

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Originally presented: March 12, 2009

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During these lean economic times, it’s IMPERATIVE that you improve your TTO’s assessment and triage processes and optimize your resources

If your TTO’s assessment workload feels like a city expressway during rush hour, you’re not alone. Many TTOs are facing backlogs in disclosures and invention files due to budget cuts and staffing freezes — even as commercialization activity increases and pressure mounts from researchers and administrators to patent and license more innovations. Something’s gotta give!

There’s really only one way to deal with this frustrating dilemma — to re-examine and revamp your IP assessment and triage system, increase its speed and efficiency, and focus on the assets with the greatest likelihood of garnering commercial returns for your organization.

That’s why we’ve assembled an expert international panel of tech transfer veterans who’ve stared down the growing piles of disclosures — and took action to reduce wasted time, prioritize their most valuable and promising IP, and lived to tell about it. Here’s your chance to climb out from under a crushing workload and bring your assessment and triage processes in line with today’s realities:

Invention Assessment and Triage: Improve Your TTO’s Process and Optimize Resource Allocation

Listen to this low-cost audioconference filled with solid takeaways and practical, how-two guidance that will help you overcome workload pressures and more efficiently apply your limited resources to IP that matters:

  • clear assessment bottlenecks
  • dispense quickly with weak IP
  • prioritize disclosures according to clear commercialization criteria
  • implement a grading system to help organize and prioritize staff efforts
  • maximize results from your inventor meetings
  • stretch your staffing dollars and boost throughput
  • effectively use advisory boards to vet early-stage opportunities
  • incorporating faculty characteristics into triage decision-making
  • implementing focused triage with 3rd parties for clusters or foundational patents
  • improving patent decision-making and prioritization
  • dealing with political realities and faculty pressure

Your International Panel of Experts:

Rick Silva, PhD, Director of Technology Transfer for the University of Colorado-Denver, has over 8 years research experience and 6 years experience in biomedical commercialization. Dr. Silva works directly with TTO staff, CU faculty, and business leaders in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to commercialize promising new products and technologies. His responsibilities include: general daily direction of the UCD biomedical commercialization enterprise; negotiation and review of UCD licensing and collaboration agreements, other IP-related contracting activities including MTAs and sponsored research; and working with CU business development in start-up company formation, development, financing, and strategy. Dr. Silva’s areas of business/commercialization interest are preclinical drug development; inflammation and immunity; vaccine development; oncology; biomarkers and pharmacodiagnostics; translational medicine; seed financing and venture capital; and business development. He currently serves on the board for Fitzsimons BioBusiness Partners Inc.

Garold Breit, Executive Director of the University of Manitoba Technology Transfer Office, has extensive experience in technology-based organizations. His career began at Revlon, where he served as a Senior Marketing Manager and member of the Corporate Acquisitions Team. Mr. Breit has founded, financed and served as the president of biopharmaceutical companies (Antibodies, Inc. and RedStorm Scientific) and has launched successful intellectual asset programs at dramatically different academic institutions (Creighton University, the University of South Alabama and the University of Texas). Now he leads the University of Manitoba’s TTO, which is widely regarded as one of Canada’s most productive intellectual asset programs.

Chad Hardaway, Jr., Director of the Office of Intellectual Property for the University of South Carolina (USC), holds degrees in Law, Business, and Chemical Engineering. Before rising to the director position, he had been a licensing associate at USC since 2005, where major responsibilities included discovering, marketing, and licensing USC technologies. Prior to working at USC, Chad worked for seven years with Eastman Chemical as a process engineer in the PET industry, where he was involved in project management, process development, production management, process design, business strategy, patents, and licensing.

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