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Improving Disclosure Triage: Proven Methods to Assess Commercial Viability of University IP

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Originally presented: April 29, 2014

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The initial point of contact between inventors and the TTO is critical for a number of reasons. For starters, with their disclosure faculty inventors are handing over their “baby” and opening their invention to much scrutiny. Accompanying this scrutiny are many difficult questions: Is the technology patentable? Is it marketable? Is it licensable or suitable for a spin-out company? Is it in a highly competitive market, and if so what are its unique advantages? 

To answer these questions requires extensive commitments of time and staff resources to conduct an objective and thorough analysis of each disclosure that passes through the office. With the budget and workload pressures faced by most TTOs, however, not all disclosures can be treated equally. In fact, the bulk of disclosures simply don’t represent truly viable technologies for the commercial marketplace, and identifying these early for culling is critical, before time and money are unnecessarily spent. 

That’s why Technology Transfer Tactics Distance Learning Division has secured a world expert in invention analysis and evaluation, Michael Manion, BSc(Hons), PhD, MBA, the CEO of Invention Evaluator, to lead this cutting-edge webinar:

Improving Disclosure Triage:
Proven Methods to Assess Commercial
Viability of University IP

This program will teach you how to weed out the weaklings and push the strongest technologies through the system for maximum return on your investment. You will learn how to perform a comprehensive invention evaluation, improve your existing process, and use the analysis to either identify hurdles to commercialization or build a business case for a technology.

You’ll get expert guidance on how to:

  • Get faster turnaround on invention disclosures and improve the precision of your analysis
  • Improve triage and assessment decision-making
  • Create stronger relationships with inventors and the business community
  • Use the invention evaluation process as an educational tool for researchers
  • Conducting SWOT analysis as part of your evaluation
  • Conduct more thorough technology and landscape analysis without adding time or staff
  • Identify commercialization hurdles through literature and patent searches
  • Perform concise industry and competitive analysis
  • And more…

Meet Your Expert Presenter:

Michael Manion, BSc(Hons), PhD, MBA, is an inventor, scientist and entrepreneur.   In 2010 he founded Invention Evaluator to support inventors and those who help bring new technologies to the market through quality invention analysis. Dr. Manion has successfully invented, developed and commercialized technologies in a diverse array of domains including nanotechnology, biotechnology, medical devices, materials science, water technology, energy systems, optical computing and recycling systems.  He has worked both in the USA and Australia for a number of research institutes, universities, investment groups and private companies across a range of technology landscapes.  His PhD is in Physiology and Biophysics, followed by several years in cancer research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  He completed an MBA in Technology Management at the University of Washington.   

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