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iEdison Utilization Reporting: Planning for and Managing the Latest Compliance Challenges

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Originally presented: Thursday, February 8, 2024
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Reports became past due as of January 1, 2024, and if you’ve been sweating the details or are finding the compliance process challenging and burdensome, you’re not alone – and these requirements are not going away.

The new data sets required in your invention reporting include names of licensees, names of manufacturers, numbers of units sold, gross annual revenue — and very few entities are tracking that level of information.

The majority of TTOs may find it even more difficult to comply due to current staffing shortages and tight budgets, coupled with the challenge of finding the right personnel with the know-how to manage the new reporting requirements. To provide the help you need, we’ve enlisted research compliance and reporting experts Deborah Arnold  from University of Utah and Jodie Richardson from MIT to lead this detailed compliance workshop.

iEdison Utilization Reporting: Planning for and Managing the Latest Compliance Challenges

It’s Time to Develop a Solid Plan

Information that is now required from licensees includes: a list of products commercialized as a result of federally funded research, the country of manufacture (whether in the U.S. or offshore), the number of units sold, and gross revenues for the year. Several questions must be addressed to put a comprehensive plan in place:

  1. Process for Obtaining Manufacturing Information: What will be the process for collecting the required information from licensees?
  2. Responsibilities within the Research Institution: Who will be responsible for reaching out to licensees to gather the required data, and what additional staffing is needed?
  3. Data Submission to iEdison: How will this sensitive information be submitted to iEdison and in what format? What have been the critical problems already encountered?

Join our panel as they review the latest requirements, reporting challenges most TTOs will face, and system bugs being reported by frustrated users. You’ll gain a solid plan for compliance, and clear strategies for overcoming the issues and challenges that are already becoming problematic. Here’s a brief list of topics they will cover:

  • When multiple institutions are named on a grant, who reports?
  • Delegating reporting responsibilities within the office: What’s best for your TTO? Pivot current responsibilities? Expand staff? Utilize interns? Outsource?
  • Maintaining positive relationships with licensees while extracting sensitive information they may not want to give up
  • Reporting challenges for multi-technology licenses, or licenses that contain both federally-funded and non-federally funded IP

Order today and you’ll gain valuable insights into how your office can meet the compliance challenges associated with the new iEdison reporting requirements.

Use the on-demand video for future training and education.

Meet your team of experts:

Deborah ArnoldDeborah Arnold
Associate Director, License & Government Compliance
University of Utah Technology Licensing Office

Debbie handles non-compliance matters through iEdison, reporting new technologies developed with government funds, and managing title election affairs. Additionally, she creates patent records for federal agencies, submits confirmatory licenses, and collaborates with the IP team on government support clauses in patent applications.

Debbie’s role extends to assisting faculty with Final Invention Statements, overseeing yearly utilization reports, reviewing foundation grants for reporting requirements, and ensuring licensee compliance with reporting, milestones, and financial obligations. She meticulously manages database entries, obligation reminders, and non-compliance issues, working collaboratively to resolve any challenges that may arise.

Debbie is an active member of AUTM where she sits on the Compliance Committee and presents as part of the AUTM University Committee.

Jodie RichardsonJodie Richardson
Associate Director of Operations
Technology Licensing Office

As part of the Senior Management Team at MIT’s Technology Licensing Office, Jodie leads a variety of administrative areas, including funding compliance, data management, metrics/reporting, human resources, hiring & retention strategy, information technology, facilities management, and overall operations.

She began her career at the University of Nebraska’s tech transfer office, NUtech Ventures, before spending several years at the University of Michigan where she built a successful compliance and data management team. Jodie is passionate about tech transfer, the Bayh-Dole Act, strategy development, process improvement, and DEI. Jodie is also an active member of AUTM, where she serves as Chair of the Compliance Course as part of the AUTM University Planning Committee and serves on the Annual Meeting Planning Committee.

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