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Improve the Quality of Invention Disclosures through Researcher Outreach and Education

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Originally presented: Monday, July 31, 2017
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When it comes to invention disclosures, quality far outweighs quantity. In fact, too many weak disclosures can seriously bog down your office, leaving less time to focus on the high-potential IP that is your bread and butter. But how do you ensure that the disclosures you receive are consistently well drafted, so you can efficiently make “go/no go” decisions and focus on the best ones with the greatest chance at successful commercialization?

Most TTOs use a standard disclosure form for researchers to complete, and that can be helpful to get the ball rolling and assist in triage efforts. But it’s not enough.

No form can give your TTO the complete picture of the patentability or market potential of an invention. That’s why researcher outreach and education is so vital to the disclosure process. With up-front efforts by the TTO guiding researchers on how to articulate their invention’s commercial viability, your staff will be better prepared to keep your disclosure pipeline well stocked and get your success rate soaring. A nice side benefit: good relationships with key faculty who often return to the TTO with more ideas, or spread the good word to their colleagues. 

Fuentek LLC has had great success assisting universities and research organizations worldwide with this exact task, and Technology Transfer Tactics Distance Learning Division has secured the firm’s Vice President Rebecca Stoughton to lead this high-impact session:

Improve the Quality of Invention Disclosures through Researcher Outreach and Education

Becky will discuss:

  • What factors deem a disclosure “high quality”? – it’s not one-size-fits-all
  • How to evaluate your disclosure process and get solid feedback from researchers
  • Heeding feedback to revise procedures effectively
  • How tapping successful researchers as mentors for up-and-comers can be a win-win
  • Tips for structuring easy-to-attend educational programs inventors will respond to
  • What to include in your training modules
  • Coaching researchers on how to tell their invention’s story
  • Examples of “best in class” disclosures and what makes them work so well


Meet Your Program Leader:

Rebecca StoughtonRebecca (Becky) Stoughton is a Vice President with Fuentek, LLC. A Certified Licensing Professional™, Ms. Stoughton is a technology transfer executive and entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience, including nine years in innovation assessment, patenting, intellectual property protection, technology marketing, technology licensing, conflict-of-interest management, and facilitation of start-up companies. She has a long track record of successfully identifying innovative strategies, engaging key stakeholders, and marshaling and managing the resources needed to accomplish goals. She also has experience in all aspects of technology transfer, managing Fuentek’s services with several clients and having served five years as director or assistant director of the Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) at the University of Texas at Dallas, beginning with its founding 2008. During her tenure, the OTC doubled its invention disclosures per year, quadrupled its licenses per year, and facilitated the formation of more than 15 start-up companies based on university technologies. She also has had great success in educating budding entrepreneurs in the U.S. and around the world, receiving high praise for her training modules.

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