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Implementing the New Priority Rules Under the AIA

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Originally presented: March 07, 2013

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On March 16, 2013, the new priority and prior art rules under the AIA will be implemented in the U.S. This means that all new applications filed after the implementation date which do not sufficiently claim an earlier priority date will have the Act’s new prior art and priority rules applied.

Many experts are predicting a massive rush to the patent office before the new rules take effect. While that may a good course of action for a few applications in your portfolio, the vast majority of your university’s innovations will be examined under the new regime – and it’s time to adjust your strategies and procedures accordingly.

How, exactly? When you attend this critical webinar on March 7, you’ll get the detailed guidance you need from our distinguished expert presenter, Charley Macedo, partner with the intellectual property law firm Amster, Rothstein and Ebenstein, LLP.

Order today and you’ll consult with a world-class expert on the intricacies, impact, and effective response to the America Invents Act. You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of the Act’s specific rules and challenges, as well as an action plan for operating under its new requirements and procedures. Mr. Macedo will discuss:

  • Premises of old first to invent system, traditional first-to-file system, and new U.S. priority rule under AIA
    • Explanation of new rules
    • 102(a) — What is prior art?
    • 102(b) — Exceptions to prior art?
    • Transition
  • Implications of new rules
    • Use of Provisionals
    • Use of Publications
    • Use of NDAs
  • New PTO Procedures
    • Changes in PTO rules to address new requirements
  • Recommended Procedures
    • Docketing Implications
    • Budgeting Implications
    • Revisions to NDAs
    • Revisions to Publication Policies

Your Distinguished Presenter:

Charles R. Macedo is a Partner with the intellectual property law firm Amster, Rothstein and Ebenstein, LLP of New York. Mr. Macedo advises and litigates in all areas of intellectual property law, including patent, trademark and copyright law, with a special emphasis in complex litigation. He also assists clients in obtaining, maintaining and enforcing patent and trademark portfolios. Mr. Macedo is the author of The Corporate Insider’s Guide to U.S. Patent Practice, being published by Oxford University Press, and received the prestigious AIPLA Robert C. Watson Award for his analysis of the First to File System vs. First to Invent System.

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