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Intensive LinkedIn Workshop for TTOs: Strategies to Enhance your Presence and Extend your Reach

An On-Demand, Two-Session Workshop Series
Format: On-Demand Video/Transcript, or DVD
Originally presented: Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Price: $297

LinkedIn is the social medial channel for TTOs. For tech transfer professionals, it’s a must-use business tool that, when utilized to its maximum potential, will harvest valuable business connections with potential partners, investors, licensees, colleagues, and more.

But to realize that potential involves much more than just hitting the “connect” button. While many TTOs rely on LinkedIn as a part of their marketing and communication plans, very few actually have studied and learned how to optimize its impact and reach – and results. That’s where this two-part webinar workshop comes in. You could spend months or even years curating a network and posting content to achieve so-so results, or you could register today for this detailed, impactful workshop series:

Intensive LinkedIn Workshop for TTOs

This in-depth workshop is being held in two separate 90-minute sessions

Our Distance Learning Division has enlisted Tamir Huberman, CIO and Head of Marketing at Yeda, the technology transfer arm of the Weizmann Institute, to present this strategy-packed, two-part workshop. Tamir is perhaps the foremost LinkedIn expert in the tech transfer field. He has organized the program into two distinct sessions. Attendees will be encouraged to apply the lessons from the first session and build on those lessons with more advanced strategies presented in session 2.

Here are details from each session’s agendas:

Session 1 – January 24th: Mastering Your LinkedIn Profile: Key Elements for Impact

The first session will concentrate on developing a compelling and professional personal profile on LinkedIn, which can leverage your organization profile. We will meticulously explore the essential elements required to establish a robust presence on this platform. Key components to be addressed include:

  • Professional Profile Photo: Do’s and don’ts and understanding how your photo influences first impressions.
  • Engaging Summary: Learn to articulate your experiences and aspirations, and your TTO’s strengths and mission, in a narrative that resonates with your network and potential partners.
  • Using Keywords to optimize SEO – remember, your profile is accessible via search engines, so visibility is key here.
  • Experience and Education Details: Maximize the impact of your work history and educational background with strategic descriptions.
  • Skills and Endorsements: Find out how to effectively showcase your skills and leverage endorsements for credibility.
  • Recommendations – Exploring the ideal number and primary objectives.
  • Network Connections – Determining the optimal number of connections, understanding the LION strategy, and identifying which connections to accept
  • SSI Score – Comprehending the Social Selling Index score and strategies to effectively maintain it.

Session 2 – January 31st: Mastering Advanced LinkedIn Strategies for TTOs

You’ve created or updated your profile, now we take it to the next level. This session focuses on advanced strategies for using LinkedIn within a Technology Transfer Office (TTO) context, featuring insightful case studies demonstrating LinkedIn’s impactful use. Key highlights include:

  • Advanced Search Tactics: Utilizing LinkedIn’s search functionalities, including Boolean search, to identify and connect with key industry players and potential collaborators. Advanced Premium functionality will also be demonstrated.
  • Leveraging LinkedIn Groups: Maximizing the benefits of LinkedIn groups for networking, knowledge sharing, and establishing authority in your field.
  • Content Creation and Publishing: Techniques for producing and sharing content that establishes thought leadership and engages your network.
  • LinkedIn for Lead Generation: Strategies for using LinkedIn to generate and nurture leads, particularly in a B2B tech transfer context.
  • Company Page: Exploring the functionality of the Company Page and how to drastically increase the number of followers.
  • LinkedIn Automation: Introduction to the power of LinkedIn automation methods and the multiple benefits.
  • Case Studies: Showcasing relevant case studies in a TTO environment which leverage LinkedIn as a central tool for Business Development and much more.

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Meet your program leader

Tamir HubermanTamir Huberman is the CIO and Head of Marketing at Yeda, the technology transfer arm of the Weizmann Institute. Over the last two decades, Tamir has made significant contributions to the formation of startups, negotiated licensing deals with leading software companies, and developed cutting-edge technology transfer software, which is the leading solution among Israeli TTOs.

His proficiency extends to designing bespoke automation methods tailored for technology transfer environments. In addition to his primary roles, Tamir is a seasoned professional speaker and a certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) trainer, specializing in social media strategies, particularly in B2B contexts.

His expertise is notably evident in his use and implementation of LinkedIn and NLP for enhancing both business and personal digital footprints. Before his tenure at Yeda, Tamir held pivotal roles as the CIO and Head of Marketing at Yissum (Technology Transfer of Hebrew University), as well as Director positions at ITTN (Israeli Technology Transfer Organization), InnerEye, and BriefCam.

His diverse experience underscores his multifaceted skill set and his impactful presence in the field of technology transfer and digital marketing strategies.

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