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IP Bundling: Establish Effective Partnerships to Increase the Value of Your Innovations

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Originally presented: July 09, 2009

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One plus one equals three. That, in a nutshell, is the result a growing number of tech transfer organizations are seeking by establishing IP bundling partnerships. The idea is fairly straightforward and simple: by combining related IP assets across institutions, the sum of the whole becomes greater than the sum of each asset individually. Licensees are more willing to buy into a pitch for a portfolio of innovations, rather than a single invention that may not have much intrinsic value separately.

But making a bundling partnership work effectively, while keeping all parties satisfied and engaged, is anything but simple. That’s why our Distance Learning Division has recruited Andrew R.O. Watson, PhD, from Oregon Health & Science University, who was instrumental in both the creation and ongoing operation of the West Coast Licensing Partnership, to provide a unique inside look at how to develop a successful IP bundling effort.

Listen to this practical, step-by-step blueprint that can provide a solid framework for your own bundling activity:

IP Bundling: Establish Effective Partnerships
to Increase the Value of Your Innovations

When it comes to IP bundling, the West Coast Licensing Partnership (WCLP) — which brings together seven like-minded research institutions willing to bundle a subset of their technology opportunities for marketing and licensing — is in the rare position of already having dealt with and overcome the many challenges inherent in cross-institution IP bundling.

Dr. Watson will detail the WCLP’s road to success as well as the speed bumps it encountered along the way. He’ll also discuss how the partnership has evolved over time, and what key lessons other TTOs can learn from the WCLP’s experience. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. Background on the West Coast Licensing Partnership (WCLP)
    a. Formation, initial goals and purpose
    b. Members and roles
    c. Governing documents
  2. Advantages
    a. For the universities involved in the partnership
    b. For industry
  3. Initial approach to pooling/bundling technologies
    a. What worked, what didn’t work
    b. What we learned
    c. Feedback from industry
  4. Current approach to pooling/bundling technologies
    a. Why the change
    b. Why is the new approach advantageous over the initial approach
  5. Challenges of the partnership
  6. Issues we have encountered along the way
  7. What still needs improvement
  8. Keys to success from our experiences


Your Expert Presenter
Andrew R.O. Watson, PhD, is a Licensing Associate in the Technology & Research Collaborations Office of the Oregon Health & Science University and previously served as a Technology Development Officer in the Office of Technology Development at The Scripps Research Institute. He has been instrumental in the creation of the West Coast Licensing Partnership, a consortium of seven universities and institutes in Canada and the U.S. designed to develop cross-institution IP bundles to enhance the value of each member’s IP and generate increased licensing and revenue opportunities.

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