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IP Valuation Workshop for Tech Transfer Professionals

Format: On-Demand Audio/Transcript, or DVD
Originally presented: March 05, 2009

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Finally, a valuation workshop that provides real-world detail and expert guidance you can USE

Having a reasonable expectation of valuation for innovations in your TTO’s IP portfolio is critically important for many reasons: to strengthen your negotiating position, prioritize your cases, assess your department’s revenue goals, allocate resources effectively, and ultimately optimize the value of the deals you sign. Yet despite its central role in successful commercialization, most tech transfer professionals don’t have the tools and know-how necessary to arrive at a reliable dollar figure — and the cost for outside consultants can be a budget buster. Too often, self-administered valuations are either too generous or they undercut the value of your institution’s IP because of faulty calculations, or by employing the wrong methodology for a particular asset.

What’s worse, unless you invest several days and thousands of dollars in an intensive in-person course, training in valuation too often just skims the surface of what you need, and leaves you without enough usable know-how and guidance you can actually apply to your IP. To close that gap, listen to this special two-hour program:

IP Valuation Workshop for Tech Transfer Professionals

Technology Transfer Tactics’ Distance Learning Division has partnered with valuation expert Richard Sheehan of Technology Resource of the Southeast to bring you an interactive and PRACTICAL audio seminar that will go beyond the general and deliver the tools, skills, and specifics you need to put valuation knowledge to work. Though we can’t promise that you’ll never need a valuation firm’s assistance again — you will — we can offer you a workable blueprint and useful tools, models, and formulas that will help you fill the void in pre-negotiation valuation data.

During this 2-hour audio workshop we will:

  1. Detail the most common valuation methodologies, including:
    – Comparable Transactions
    – Book value or Cost Method
    – 25% Rule
  2. Compare valuation models and their relative utility with different types of IP assets and situations
  3. Give a solid theory review behind the following:
    – Industry Standard Royalty Rates
    – Replacement Cost Method
    – Relief from Royalty Method
    – Income Method
    – Discounted Cash Flow
    – Monte Carlo Simulations
    – Options Pricing Theory (OPT) & Black-Scholes
  4. Offer quick-and-dirty rules of thumb
  5. Discuss the right — and wrong — ways to use comparables
  6. Case study dissection: Illustrate with a real-world example showing how various values and market studies factored into a company’s valuation calculations
  7. Analyze methods used to verify and confirm valuation results.
  8. Forecast how the economic downturn has — and will continue to — affect valuation of early-stage IP

Your Expert Presenter

Richard Sheehan is President of Technology Resource of the Southeast, a regional service provider of third party assessment, analysis, and valuation of early-stage technologies and new products. Mr. Sheehan has thirty years’ experience in product development, commercialization and licensing, specializing in early stage and emerging technologies. His firm also assists start-ups by confirming and validating business plans as an objective third party. Mr. Sheehan holds 10 U.S. and 2 worldwide patents, and the firm is one of only 25 companies that have been certified and licensed to use the Black-Scholes methodology for early-stage technology valuations — a model based on a mathematical formula awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1997. Mr. Sheehan has served as the CEO of three successful companies, and Technology Resource has been in business for 10 years serving universities, government agencies, commercial entities, and start-up companies.

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