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Leveraging the Federal and State R&D Tax Credit: What University Start-Ups Need To Know

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Originally presented: May 13, 2020

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For university start-ups strapped for cash and quickly burning through what they do have, every penny counts…

Did you know many start-ups can offset their research and development expenses each year by leveraging federal and state R&D Tax Credits. The R&D Tax Credit is available for companies engaged the development of new or improved products and processes. A recent program expansion includes new benefits for eligible start-ups to receive up to $250,000 per year for five years towards payroll taxes. This provision is particularly helpful for tech and life science start-ups with engineers, scientists, and developers on staff.

First enacted in 1981, the R&D Tax Credit is now permanent and expanded with new provisions that enable more companies to monetize the credit.  In addition to the federal program, many states, like New York, have their own R&D Tax Credit programs. 

Here’s a great opportunity to learn everything you need to know about this program. Please join Technology Transfer Tactics’ Distance Learning Division when we host Andrea Albanese, Manager with R&D Tax Savers, for this insightful one-hour webinar:

Leveraging the Federal and State R&D Tax Credit: What University Start-Ups Need To Know

This session will cover the details behind the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit, including how to apply it to your start-ups and the major recent updates. Ms. Albanese will discuss:

  • The Federal R&D Tax Credit and its major recent updates for start-ups
  • How university professors, researchers, incubators, investors and their start-ups can utilize the R&D Tax Credit
  • The four-part test and criteria that must be met to claim the R&D Tax Credit
  • Expenses that qualify towards the R&D Tax Credit
  • Leveraging patents within the R&D credit under the Patent Safe Harbor
  • Case study results related to Harvard, Columbia, Stony Brook, and other university- related development projects
  • Overview of State R&D Credit programs and the NYS Life Science credit

Meet your program leader:

Andrea AlbaneseAndrea Albanese is a Manager with R&D Tax Savers. Ms. Albanese graduated from SUNY Farmingdale with a BS in Technology Studies. She has been with the firm since 2010 and is responsible for managing R&D Tax Credit studies and client relationships for a variety of industries including software, manufacturing, distribution, food science, and defense contracting. 

Ms. Albanese played a key role in monetizing R&D Tax Credits for a large ecommerce distributor which most recently totaled over $600,000 in credits. Andrea also leads the team that handles a London-based virtual reality and VFX company in which R&D Tax Credits total $400,000. Andrea has also monetized over $350,000 in R&D Tax Credits for a large pet food manufacturer with multi-state operations.

Andrea’s expertise includes assisting start-up clients in obtaining payroll R&D Tax Credits.  She has authored numerous articles on the topic for leading tax publications such as Thomson Reuters and CCH’s Corporate Business Taxation Monthly.

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