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Licensing Software Patents: How to Protect Your IP and Manage Litigation Risks

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Originally presented: February 05, 2014

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With software at the center of many high-profile copyright and patent cases — most notably The Supreme Court’s decision to hear an appeal from electronic marketplace Alice Corp. – software patent holders and developers, including university faculty and TTOs, are bracing for the worst. Many observers believe the case could be the death knell for thousands of U.S. software patents and throw software-based technologies into a state of market and legal confusion.  And on top of that, the patent trolls have been having a field day with software patents.

But these challenges don’t mean you should call it a day when commercializing software. On the contrary, opportunities abound around the globe, and the final bell hasn’t tolled stateside just yet. In addition, the Alice Corp. case will also likely clarify what can still be protected — and how to do that in claim construction. So, what can you do to protect your IP and manage potential litigation risks? Find out during this 90-minute webinar:

Licensing Software Patents: 
How to Protect Your IP and Manage Litigation Risks

Please join our presenter Guy Kevin Townsend, one of the world’s top patent attorneys and license agreement experts, for a detailed look at how to best protect your software-based IP, preserve its value in the marketplace, and avoid exposure to costly litigation. Here’s a brief look at the agenda:

  • Litigation examples to highlight best practices in patenting strategies
  • Claim construction principles that will survive Alice Corp.  
  • Strategies to maximize value and commercial investment when licensing software around the globe
  • Solutions to major pitfalls in software patent licensing terms
  • Review a host of different types of agreements that demonstrate how to avoid and/or minimize litigation risks including:
    • Start-up agreements
    • Sale agreements
    • Proprietary licenses
    • Free and open source licenses
  • Forecasting the impact of the coming U.S. Supreme Court case on software patents
  • How to protect yourself against troll activity in the software space

Your Expert Presenter:

Guy Kevin TownsendGuy Kevin Townsend, principal, Townsend Technology Agreements Consulting, LLC, and Townsend Technology Law, LLC. Mr. Townsend has more than 25 years company and law firm experience in worldwide Business Development,  Transactions,  Licensing, M&A, Product Portfolio management, and IP acquisition and litigation. His vast experience include technical and legal due diligence, negotiations and drafting, and worldwide IP and licensing portfolio management, including multi-million to multi-billion dollar products, relating to IP acquisition,  defense and enforcement,  due diligence,  licensing and related agreements. Mr. Townsend has drafted and prosecuted over 2,500 U.S. patent, trademark and copyright applications. He has provided counsel and legal services related to more than 1,500 U.S. and 3,000 international patents.  

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