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Mass Aggregators, NPEs and Patent Trolls: Threat, Opportunity or Both for University TTOs

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Originally presented: July 27, 2012

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NPEs, or patent trolls as they are commonly known, have long been the subject of controversy. Some argue that these entities are providing a much-needed form of liquidity to the patent market, as well as critical defensive patent protection for IP owners and a mechanism by which innovators can be compensated for their creativity. Others are equally convinced the NPE model only serves as a blockade to innovation by locking up major chunks of the technology market, scaring away smaller players, and litigating not only to extract huge settlements but also to squeeze the very lifeblood out of the IP marketplace.

Universities are now becoming a growing part of this debate. Research institutions are being courted by the aggregators like never before, and indeed a growing number are making “deals with the devil,” as some may put it. Some are partnering with large NPEs to monetize parts of their IP portfolios, and others are even making significant investments in the trolls’ businesses – a development that some observers say is antithetical to the research university’s mission.

To make sense of this confusing picture and provide an objective assessment of both the threats and the opportunities posed by the burgeoning NPE market, Technology Transfer Tactics has recruited two A-list experts for an intriguing and strategic webinar. Please join Jiaqing (Jack) Lu, PhD, CFA, Senior Economist and the Director of Economic Analysis for Applied Economics Consulting Group, Inc.and Marc S. Kaufman, Partner with Reed Smith,for this controversial and lively distance learning event:

Mass Aggregators, NPEs and Patent Trolls:
Threat, Opportunity or Both for University TTOs

Join your tech transfer professional colleagues and our expert panel to gain a full understanding of the NPE models and the options available to your university:

  • Deciphering the economics and controversies NPE business models
  • How NPEs and patent aggregators are changing the patent market
  • Understanding your patent assets and defending your IP against so-called “troll” attacks
  • How to monetize your patent assets in a NPE-driven patent market through:
    • Analysis of the market for your patents
    • Best practices for making strategic business decisions
    • Deployment strategies for monetization through various channels
  • Major economic/financial decision-making factors regarding patent monetization
  • How it works: The deal can you expect from an NPE, and what to watch for in the fine print

Your Expert Presenters:

Jiaqing (Jack) Lu, PhD, CFA, Senior Economist and the Director of Economic Analysis, Applied Economics Consulting Group, Inc. Mr. Lu’s expertise includes business valuation, intellectual property valuation, competition assessment, and market analysis. Jack has substantial experience in economic research and financial modeling for IP management and monetization, and has helped clients in developing and implementing IP investment and divestiture strategies across major technology-intensive industries. A well-known IP economist and financial analyst, Jack’s research in intellectual property, patent market, financial markets and other economic issues have been widely published. His most recent research can be found at his SSRN author page at He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder, and is a member of CFA Institute, National Association for Business Economics, and Licensing Executives Society. He has been actively involved in these organizations, including serving on the Executive Committee of 2011 LES High Tech Royalty Survey.

Marc S. Kaufman, Partner, Reed Smith. Mr. Kaufman specializes in assisting his clients in managing and monetizing their intellectual property assets. He has developed structured procedures for defining and executing intellectual property strategies that are aligned with overall business objectives, for a wide variety of business entities. He has deep experience in procuring and enforcing IP rights both in the United States and abroad, as well as structuring and negotiating intellectual property transactions. Specifically in the area of patents, Marc has developed and managed patent portfolios that have been widely licensed by major corporations. Often times, he guides his clients in the sale of patents that are no longer relevant to core objectives. Marc has spoken across the country, authored several articles, and has been quoted in notable publications such as the New York Times with respect to a variety of intellectual property issues. Presently, he is serving as a chair of the Law Seminars International Conferences on patent monetization, which are held across the U.S. to provide updated education and industry insights to business consultants and in-house counsel.

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