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Marketing University Innovations: Strategies to Revitalize and Expand a High-Touch, Low-Tech Approach that Gets Results

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Originally presented: Wednesday, November 17, 2021
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The world is changing rapidly, and it has become increasingly clear that TTO marketing strategies must change as well to match new ways of working and new ways of communicating. However, in the tech transfer world personal networks and high-touch contact still matter, and chasing the latest technology-driven marketing tools and strategies often just nibbles at the margins. 

While the art of making the personal connection appears to be losing ground to technology, the old “contact sport” maxim still holds true – but the “old” can and should become new again.

To make your innovations stand out and attract more high-quality licensees, partners, and funding sources, tech transfer professionals must pursue new ways to connect with their audience using a personal touch, in-person engagement, and story-telling. 

The National Cancer Institute’s Invention Development & Marketing Unit (IDMU), which sits within the NCI’s Technology Transfer Center (TTC), is a unique unit with a singular focus: MARKETING. IDMU is making great strides using an active person-to-person approach to create awareness of technology licensing and collaborative opportunities, and it is expanding that approach by targeting non-traditional entities that don’t know these opportunities exist.

To help you learn from and tap into their successes, Tech Transfer Central has enlisted Joseph M. Conrad, JD, PhD, Senior Technology Transfer Manager at the National Cancer Institute, to present this detailed, strategy-filled webinar:

Marketing University Innovations

Here is a brief look at the agenda:

  • How to actively identify potential partners and licensees
  • Expanding your ecosystem with non-traditional contacts: law fims, accounting firms, real estate brokers, and other referral sources
  • Go to where the partners are – don’t wait for them to come to you
  • Think beyond your TTO’s website and build your contact network
  • Examples of the NCI Invention Development & Marketing Unit’s strategies, successes, and lessons learned

Meet your faculty:

Joseph M. ConradJoseph M. Conrad, JD, PhD
Senior Technology Transfer Manager
Invention Development & Marketing Unit
Technology Transfer Center
National Cancer Institute

Dr. Joseph M. Conrad III is a Senior Technology Transfer Manager in the NCI Technology Transfer Center’s (TTC) Invention Development & Marketing Unit (IDMU).  He is responsible for increasing the visibility of technologies from the NCI and other NIH Institutes/Centers to increase in-licensing and collaborative opportunities with stakeholders who could potentially commercialize these technologies for patient populations needing new therapeutics and treatments. Relevant stakeholders include domestic and international bio, pharma and device industry companies; investors; state, local and international economic development officials; and non-government organizations.

Prior to joining the IDMU, Dr. Conrad was a Technology Transfer Specialist in the NCI TTC, where prepared and negotiated agreements facilitating collaborations between several NIH Institutes and outside organizations to enable the transfer of NIH technology into the private sector.  Dr. Conrad is also responsible for educating NIH investigators on various aspects of patent law and technology marketing. 

Dr. Conrad has over 26 years of combined intellectual property law and technology transfer experience.  He’s a former USPTO Patent Examiner and has worked for two DC patent law firms, preparing and prosecuting pharmaceutical and biotechnology patent applications. He received his J.D. from the George Washington University Law School and received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the American University.

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