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Metrics and Benchmarking for University Corporate Engagement: Breaking Down Silos to Gauge Performance

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Originally presented: Thursday, March 21, 2019

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Building strategic corporate partnerships that lead to research sponsorships, technology licensing, workforce development programs, recruiting, and philanthropic support has become a critical imperative for many universities.

And while a vibrant level of holistic engagement with industry is the goal, many schools face the challenge of limited resources coupled with a confusing array of decentralized access points for industry:  Research Office, TTO, Foundation, Corporate Relations, and others. That makes it not only difficult to fully leverage corporate relationships, but also nearly impossible to accurately quantify the impact of industry engagement efforts and measure performance over time.

You CAN break through the silos on campus to both present a welcoming front door to corporations and capture and centralize data to gather meaningful metrics and performance benchmarks.  That’s been an ongoing process at Virginia Tech, culminating in the recent launch of LINK, The Center for Industry Partnerships. We’ve tapped Brad Fravel, MBA, PhD, Director of Business Development for Virginia Tech and a leading force within the Network of Academic Corporate Relations Officers (NACRO), to present this critical webinar:  

Metrics and Benchmarking for University Corporate Engagement: Breaking Down Silos to Gauge Performance

This one-hour session will provide a roadmap to bringing your corporate engagement efforts into a more cohesive, holistic strategy, and gathering, organizing, and reporting the data you need to gauge the effectiveness of those efforts, report on your progress to stakeholders, and point you to areas needing improvement. Here’s a quick look at the agenda:

    • How to identify and meet corporate needs across campus
      • Research partnerships
      • Land development agreements
      • Entrepreneurship support/ mentoring/ peer support
      • Recruitment
      • Philanthropy
      • Start-up support
    • Breaking down silos for holistic engagement
    • Breaking down data silos
    • Cultivating and growing industry relationships
    • Tracking and using data to support your engagement efforts:
      • Key metrics and KPIs
      • Getting the data across multiple systems
      • Key reports for stakeholders
      • Key reports for internal benchmarking and performance improvement
      • Key reports for industry partners

Meet Your Presenter:

Brad FravelBrad Fravel, MBA, PhD
Director, Business Development
Virginia Tech

As a seasoned professional with two decades of experience in science and business, Brad is responsible for identifying and creating strategic, long-term collaborations with the private sector to advance innovation, improve communities, and strengthen tomorrow’s workforce. Prior to Virginia Tech, he held positions as executive director of corporate relations, at Indiana University and served as the business development manager for the university’s technology transfer arm, IU Research & Technology Corporation. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Network of Academic Corporate Relations Officers (NACRO).

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