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Maximize Your TTO’s Patent Budget through Effective Use of Patent Counsel

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Originally presented: Thursday, October 27, 2016

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Your TTO’s patent budget is a major line item, and in many cases it’s the single biggest area where your office can save significant dollars — and use the dollars you have more productively. The technologies you file on, the foreign filing decisions you make, the attorney fees you negotiate, and the firms you use — and when — are just some of the key factors that play into how much you spend, and whether you spend wisely. 

Have you closely examined your office’s legal costs recently, in a detailed and objective review? If you haven’t, chances are there are dozens of specific ways for you to stretch your budget and get more patents filed for less than you currently spend. To jumpstart this process, we’ve asked two experts — who’ve conducted deep dive analyses of patent costs and related processes – to share their best practices in this bottom-line focused webinar: 

Maximize Your TTO’s Patent Budget through Effective Use of Patent Counsel 

Technology Transfer Tactics’ Distance Learning Division has teamed up with two patent experts, Brendan Rauw of Oregon Health and Science University and Jeffrey Sears of Columbia University, for this detailed session.

The program will feature how-to advice that specifically focuses on the needs and concerns of TTOs. You’ll come away with creative strategies for immediate bottom-line benefits, significantly reducing your legal bills while improving the number and overall quality of your patent filings. Here’s a brief look at the agenda:

  • Evaluating which projects and/or tasks are best handled in-house, and which ones should be outsourced
  • Improving patent portfolio management for cost savings
  • Best practices for managing your patent budget
  • Working more efficiently with outside counsel
  • Organizational strategies for streamlining patent prosecution
    • Institutional overview (small vs. large, focused vs. diversified, etc.)
    • Rationale for different approaches (cost, risk mitigation, etc.)
    • Role of in-house counsel (oversight vs. drafting, etc.)
  • How do the approaches work in practice?
    • Prosecution management process
    • Managing interactions with licensees and attorneys
    • Costs
  • Lessons learned
    • Shared best practices for managing costs
    • Risks / benefits of in-house vs. outside legal counsel
    • Deciding which model is right for your institution

Your Program Leaders:

Brendan RauwBrendan Rauw, MBA, CLP
Vice President
Technology Transfer & Business Development
Oregon Health and Science University

Brendan is responsible for forging a dynamic program that will advance the commercialization of OHSU’s intellectual property and increase its industry research collaborations.  Prior to joining OHSU, Brendan was Associate Vice Chancellor and Executive Director of Entrepreneurship at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and the founding CEO of Westwood Technology Transfer, an independent 501(c)(3) set up to oversee technology transfer and industry-sponsored research at UCLA. Previously, he held leadership positions at Columbia Technology Ventures, KAUST, and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). He also worked in corporate and business development with Genzyme Corporation and Celator Pharmaceuticals, a private biopharmaceutical company.

Jeffrey M SearsJeffrey M Sears
Associate General Counsel and Chief Patent Counsel
Columbia University

Jeff’s practice encompasses all aspects of patent law, including prosecution, portfolio management, strategic counseling, licensing and post-licensing compliance, litigation, and legislative and regulatory patent matters.

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