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Nearshot Commercialization Model: Tapping “Adjacent Market” Veins to Successfully Commercialize University IP

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Originally presented: April 23, 2015

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When it comes to finding licensees, the mainstream market players may seem to be your best bet. But that’s not necessarily the case if your innovations are too similar to their existing product lines. Established companies often see these licensing opportunities as a cannibalism of their current market share.

But don’t toss your inventions aside just yet. Veteran tech transfer exec Lee M. Taylor, MBA, JD, has had considerable success by identifying licensees on the periphery of a primary market, focusing on smaller companies willing to take bigger risks to get a foot in the door. The strategy has worked so well, in fact, he’s mapped out the process into what he calls the “Nearshot Commercialization Model.” Technology Transfer Tactics has partnered with Taylor to lead this cutting-edge webinar that promises to expand your prospect list and get more licensing deals signed:

Tapping “Adjacent Market” Veins to Successfully Commercialize University IP 

Most TTOs conduct market searches using a broad scope to identify direct and top level licensees, but the “Nearshot” approach zeroes in on otherwise forgotten higher hanging fruit that may be tougher to find and pick at first, but could turn into long lasting and worthwhile relationships.  Please join Mr. Taylor for this can’t miss distance learning program when he’ll detail the specifics of how expanding your licensee search into this almost completely untapped market can lead to new, lucrative relationships and more deals. Here’s a quick look at what he’ll cover:

  • The evolution of the theory of “Nearshot Commercialization”
  • How to incorporate the model into:
    • Specific innovation spaces
    • Your current staffing model
    • Existing marketing efforts
  • How to identify periphery market players
  • Using SIC codes to home in on market “white space”
  • Understanding when Nearshot is — and isn’t – appropriate
  • Expert tips for marketing and pitching to adjacent companies
  • Tips for licensing to smaller companies:
    • Setting more back-end milestones
    • Engaging in stricter due diligence
  • Hear success stories of license agreements and relationships born out of the “Nearshot” model

Meet your expert presenter

Lee M. TaylorLee M. Taylor, MBA, JD, Vice President of Technology Sourcing, Edison Nation Medical. Mr. Taylor was previously with Creighton University, where he was the director of technology transfer. Prior to Creighton, Taylor spent five years working on economic development in Hawaii.  Mr. Taylor is also an experienced inventor having created a rapid university licensing model, the Mahele Method, and also invented a way to monetize provisional patents behind a paywall, called Provisional Smart, LLC.

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