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Connecting University Research to Industry Funding Sources: Case Study of the Penn State Innovation Gateway

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Originally presented: May 16, 2017

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Penn State University’s Innovation Gateway — a new online platform that helps researchers and industry research sponsors find each other — is being hailed as a major advance by faculty, corporate partners, and university administrators. The new platform provides a standardized way for faculty to present research approaches and possible solutions to industry challenges — and it gives industry a way to pose those challenges to university labs.

The Office of Industrial Partnerships, which created and manages the Innovation Gateway, says the tool “provides faculty with an unprecedented level of service” in building industry collaborations — a far cry from most universities’ informal and unstructured efforts that can only skim the surface of potential ties between thousands of research projects and the corporations that may have an interest in those investigations– along with the dollars to support them.

By capturing researcher interests and expertise, Innovation Gateway matches the researcher with relevant industry opportunities. At Penn State, corporate partners who use the gateway gain access to over 5,000 researcher ideas that span 24 campuses. The coordinated, comprehensive approach — launched in the fall of last year, has already garnered impressive success, including a lucrative partnership with Volvo and a master research agreement with Lockheed Martin.

To help you learn from Penn State’s experience, Technology Transfer Tactics’ Distance Learning Division is presenting a case-study style webinar that will provide a deep-dive into the concept, development, funding and management of the Innovation Gateway and its curated list of potential partners. 

Connecting University Research to Industry Funding Sources: Case Study of the Penn State Innovation Gateway

Join Donald Mothersbaugh, Assistant Director in the Office of Industrial Partnerships at Penn State University, for this detailed 60-minute session that will discuss:

  • The concepts behind the gateway and how it came to be
  • The development and funding timeline from concept to testing, then launch
  • Understanding the inner-workings of:
    • Daily management of the data and curated lists of researchers and partners
    • The three levels of online corporate engagement:
      • Request for Proposal (RFP)
      • Request for Information (RFI)
      • Request to Partner (RTP):
        • Usage statistics – researchers and partners
  • What barriers did the project face both internally and in the regional business landscape — and how they were overcome
  • The process of engaging with industry Penn State-style
  • Case study examples of presentations and marketing materials to potential partners
  • Success stories

Your Program Leader:

Donald MothersbaughDonald Mothersbaugh
Assistant Director
Office of Industrial Partnerships
Penn State University

Prior to joining the OIP, Don gained valuable industry experience with more than 15 years of employment at Xerox Corporation, Lucent Technologies, and VideoMining Corporation (a spinout of Penn State).  During his tenure at Penn State, Don has served as Associate Director for the Industrial Research Office, Sr. Technical Specialist for the Office of Technology Management, and now serves as the Assistant Director for the Office of Industrial Partnerships using his experience and skills to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with industrial partners. 

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