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The Perfect Elevator Pitch: Sell Your IP in 3 Minutes or Less!

Format: On-Demand Audio/Transcript, or DVD
Originally presented: June 15, 2010

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Venture capitalists and angel investors are inundated with great ideas looking for dollars to support them. They’re swamped with business plans, and over-run by scores of proposals, all promising the next big thing. Only a select few grab their attention, and even fewer make it past an initial, often cursory review. Often, your best and sometimes only chance to break through with an investor comes in the form of an elevator pitch.

Like a highway billboard, you have just a brief chance to jolt your audience to attention – and if you strike out with that critical first impression, odds are you won’t get a second chance.

That’s why we’ve invited a technology investment veteran – who’s given and heard hundreds of elevator pitches in his career – to lead a special distance learning workshop that will provide a blueprint for polishing your presentation and ensuring it hits the right hot buttons.  Join Eric Nicolaides, founder and Managing Partner of Wildcat Venture Management, for a how-to workshop you can’t afford to miss:

The Perfect Elevator Pitch:
Sell Your IP in 3 Minutes or Less

Here’s what you’ll learn in this unique session:

  • Elements of the perfect elevator pitch
  • The 3 key questions you MUST answer about your IP in your pitch
  • Supplemental information: what’s too much, what’s too little
  • How to grab the investor’s attention in the first 40 seconds
  • Examples of good pitches, great pitches, and poor pitches
  • Inventor vs TTO staff: Choosing the right “pitcher”
  • List of do’s and don’ts to consider while crafting your pitch
  • How to “close” and secure a firm follow-up meeting

You’re guaranteed to leave this program with the skills to pitch your IP more effectively and clearly than ever before

Your Expert Presenter:
Eric Nicolaides
is the founder and Managing Partner of Wildcat Venture Management. Mr. Nicolaides conceived of and built the Wildcat organization to address the growing disconnect between venture capital and academic technology transfer. Wildcat has evaluated more than 250 opportunities from more than 20 academic institutions. Mr. Nicolaides brings deep technology transfer experience to Wildcat. He has collaborated with Harvard Medical School, The University of Texas and other major universities in the field of point-of-care diagnostics. He has also worked on a variety of other technology commercialization projects including Bio Molecular Switches, Inc., a Seattle-area start-up owned by two University of Washington Engineering professors, and Houston-based Interlok LLC., a private digital security technology company. Mr. Nicolaides is a frequent guest speaker on technology commercialization issues and is a member of the Industry Advisory Group for the Cornell Center for Technology Enterprise and Commercialization.

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