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Playing for Keeps: Patent Enforcement Strategies for University TTOs

Format: On-Demand Video/Transcript, or DVD
Originally presented: September 28, 2011

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Big companies that take liberties with university IP assume the worst case scenario is a non-punitive compulsory license. It’s time to change that…

Like bullies on a playground, large companies with deep pockets and armies of attorneys have been beating up on university TTOs for too long. Their perception of universities as IP pushovers is not without a basis in reality – these companies know universities are not in the IP enforcement business, have goals focused on societal benefit rather than profit, want to cultivate good relations with corporate partners and research sponsors, and often don’t have the stomach for costly litigation. While all that may be true, and though the perception in general may be slow to change, that doesn’t mean your school can’t put its own foot down and become at least one playground where the bullies are not tolerated.

Join us  for a no-nonsense webinar that will give you tools and strategies to attack infringement on three critical levels: deterrence, monitoring and detection:

Playing for Keeps:
Patent Enforcement Strategies for University TTOs

IP enforcement expert Josephine Benkers, partner with Quarles and Brady, will discuss the full range of issues and factors that can impact your ability to protect your university’s patents. Her clearcut guidance will help you to put potential infringers on notice that your office can’t be pushed around, and your IP can’t be trifled with. Here’s a quick look at what you’ll learn in this hour-long program:

  • Deterrence: Policies, procedures, and posture – and how they get the message across
  • How to incorporate deterrence into licensing activity and corporate outreach efforts
  • Effective monitoring and detection tactics
  • What to do when infringement is suspected – and what not to do
  • Tips for working effectively with in-house and outside counsel
  • Ensuring comprehensive documentation to support your case
  • Initiating an infringement complaint
  • Other legal options short of a full-blown court battle
  • Managing public and corporate reaction
  • And, much more!

Send the big companies a clear message that you value your IP and will not take infringement lightly.

Your Expert Presenter:

Josephine K. Benkers, Partner with Quarles and Brady, practices in the areas of intellectual property litigation and commercial litigation. Her experience has included a variety of patent infringement, trade secret, copyright infringement, trademark, and false advertising disputes. Ms. Benkers has litigated such cases in jurisdictions throughout the country and has significant experience successfully litigating in “rocket dockets.” She has represented the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation in several licensing disputes and has litigated a number of large patent infringement cases.

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