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A Prescription for Profit: Find Hidden Gems of Innovation Among Your University-Affiliated Medical Staff

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Originally presented: Tuesday, December 21, 2010
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“Medical staff are tough to engage when it comes to invention disclosures.”

We hear this way too often. If true, then why are so many game-changing medical innovations commercialized through “back-door” deals? One reason is that many doctors and other clinicians at university-affiliated medical centers are simply unaware of the technology commercialization office’s existence. Another is the perception that the inventor will get a “better deal” skirting the TTO and dealing directly with industry or a third party.

In other cases, brilliant clinician “tinkerers” may not even realize that their ideas for improving a device or a technique have potential for commercialization, and don’t have any idea of how to get started along that road, even if they had the time to devote to a side project. These hidden gems of innovation can be found and cultivated, and bring a significant new stream of technology into your TTO.

Now is the time to tap into this potential goldmine of IP – both the innovators who don’t see the TTO on their radar screens, and the busy clinical staff who don’t see the potential of their ideas at all, or a means of bringing them to market.  Experience this valuable distance learning program that promises to unearth a whole new world of IP among your medical staff:

Prescription for Profit: Find Hidden Gems of Innovation Among Your University-Affiliated Medical Staff

Don’t let another potential disclosure lose its way!

Technology Transfer Tactics’ Distance Learning Division has partnered with Arlen Meyers, MD, MBA, founder of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs,  and tech transfer veteran Rick Silva, PhD, for this one-hour program that show you how to find and cultivate the valuable hidden gems of innovation among your university-affiliated medical staff.

Dr. Meyers will address how to tap into medical staff innovators from the physician/entrepreneur point of view, and Dr. Silva will share the technology transfer office’s perspective on how to successfully recruit and partner with medical faculty for increased disclosures and fewer “back-door” deals with medical device and drug companies.

Program Agenda

  • Move medical staff faculty from awareness to interest to decision to action
    • Making faculty aware of the tech transfer office, process, benefits
    • How to entice faculty and pique their interest
    • Making invention disclosures a “no-brainer” process
    • Guiding faculty down the path of commercialization
  • Remove the barriers that often keep medical staff from working with the TTO:
    • Time constraints
    • Professional commitments
    • Misunderstanding of IP policies
    • Potential conflicts of interest
  • Understand what drives clinical staff, and how to tap their innovation energy
  • Reinforcing and rewarding positive behavior
    • Celebrate successes and create a culture of entrepreneurship
  • Help physicians recognize their potential as inventors
    • Establish a clear path from the clinic to the TTO
  • Examples of success stories from the UC-Denver’s Technology Transfer Office

Meet Your Faculty:

Arlen D. Meyers, MD, MBA is a Professor of Otolaryngology (Ear Nose and Throat and Facial Plastic Surgery), Engineering and Dentistry at the University of Colorado- Denver and founder of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs. He is an award winning clinician, researcher, educator and bioscience entrepreneur. He has founded three bioscience and healthcare companies, consults to industry, and leads several global bioentrepreneurship education initiatives and recently completed a Fulbright Fellowship at Kings Business, the commercialization office of Kings College London. He has published over 300 books and journal articles. In addition, he is an advisor to, a mid-level investment bank headquartered in Denver. He is was the founding director of the combined MD/MBA program at the University of Colorado Denver and former director of the bioentrepreneurship education program at the Bard Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Colorado Denver Business School.

Rick Silva, PhD, MBA is Director of Technology Transfer for the University of Colorado-Denver. He has over 8 years research experience and 6 years experience in biomedical commercialization. Dr. Silva works directly with TTO staff, CU faculty, and business leaders in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to commercialize promising new biomedical products and technologies. His responsibilities include: general daily direction of the UCD biomedical commercialization enterprise; negotiation and review of UCD licensing and collaboration agreements; working with CU business development in HSC startup company formation, development, financing, and strategy. Dr. Silva’s areas of business/commercialization interest are preclinical drug development; inflammation and immunity; vaccine development; oncology; biomarkers and pharmacodiagnostics; translational medicine; seed financing and venture capital; and business development.  Along with his role in the UC-Denver TTO, he currently serves as Interim Director of Fitzsimons BioBusiness Partners Inc.

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