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Ready-to-Sign Licenses: Bring in More Licensing Revenue With Less Effort!

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Originally presented: Tuesday, November 19, 2013
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Simplify your university’s licensing process with a no-haggle “sign and drive” licensing strategy 

A growing number of institutions are implementing a new strategy designed to sharply reduce the time and effort involved with licensing selected IP. This approach is known by numerous names: “ready-to-sign,” “click and sign,” “one-click licensing,” and “click-wrap” to name a few. Regardless of the name, the strategy involves creating a one-size-fits-all licensing agreement and posting basic IP assets or dormant technologies that lend themselves to non-exclusive deals and offering them online, where licensors can – in a click or two — get rights to the IP without the time-consuming and sometimes frustrating process of negotiating an agreement. By taking out the hassle factor and enhancing the visibility of these assets, TTOs that have adopted this technique are seeing significant increases in revenue. The schools using ready-to-sign licensing also report that it has several other side benefits, including establishing new licensee relationships, saving staff time that can be then spent on bigger deals, and providing a marketing boost for the TTO and its broader portfolio.

But not all technologies are candidates for this licensing strategy, and the drafting process is more complicated than just stripping down your license template. And while ready-to-sign deals do save lots of time and effort, they also introduce some new legal and operational issues that must be handled adroitly. That’s why Technology Transfer Tactics’ Distance Learning Division has recruited a top-notch panel of experts who have first-hand experience in drafting, marketing and overcoming the challenges of ready-to-sign licenses – and maximizing the benefits.

Please join us for this exclusive, one-hour program:

Ready-to-Sign Licenses:
Bring in More Licensing Revenue With Less Effort!

Our expert panel will provide all the details you need to get your own ready-to-sign licensing effort off the ground. Here’s a quick look at what they’ll cover:

  • Benefits of starting a ready-to-sign licensing program
  • Criteria for selecting IP to include in your ready-to-sign program:
    • Copyright licenses
    • Unpatented biological material
    • Patents
  • Ensuring “ready-to-sign” doesn’t become “ready-to-steal”
  • Tips for drafting ready-to-sign licenses, including:
    • Tailoring terms according to the IP’s stage and relative value
    • Achieving simplicity is key: what are musts, and what can be cut
    • Indemnity clauses
    • Setting price and other terms
  • How to monitor licensees for compliance
  • Dealing with exceptions: When to negotiate, and when (and why) to say no
  • Effective marketing strategies that get you more signed agreements
  • Online payment structure and use of electronic signatures
  • Dealing with tricky issues – learn from experienced users so you don’t get caught off guard

Meet your panel of presenters:

Emily Loughran, Director of Licensing, UCLA Office of Intellectual Property and Industry Sponsored Research, manages the office’s licensing and patent prosecution groups and oversees its large portfolio of invention disclosures, patents, and license agreements. Emily started in intellectual property administration at the City of Hope Medical Center where she was the Technology Transfer Manager responsible for patenting and licensing activities. 
David Tollen, founding partner with Adeli & Tollen, is the author of the American Bar Association’s bestselling manual on technology contracts, The Tech Contracts Handbook (ABA Publishing / IP Section 2010) – and a frequent speaker on IP and IT legal issues. His law practice focuses on technology agreements, privacy and information security compliance, intellectual property counseling, industrial and commercial design transactions, and electronic commerce. Before co-founding Adeli & Tollen, he served as general counsel of a publicly traded software company, as Vice President of Business Development for a profitable technology start-up, and as an associate with Morrison & Foerster LLP. He practices in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley.
Brian Wright, PhD, associate director of commercialization at Auburn University, oversees Auburn’s invention portfolio, working with and assisting other OTT members in marketing, protecting and licensing technologies from Auburn’s research laboratories. He also leads initiatives to reach out to industry and other research institutions, and manages OTT’s intern program.

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