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Setting TTO Performance Benchmarks Based on Comparable Data Sets of Peer Institutions

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Originally presented: Wednesday, September 9, 2020
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When comparing your tech transfer office’s funding, spin-out, disclosures and licensing data to other universities, it’s only fair to compare apples to apples.

For example, if your university’s research expenditures are $50 million, comparing it to a TTO whose spending is $500 million doesn’t give you an accurate picture of your relative performance. Meaningful benchmarks and metrics are born from “normalized data” – data derived from peer sets – analyzed and drilled down to provide you with a panoramic view of where you are, where you’d like to be, and how to get there.

Any meaningful comparison requires normalizing data to ensure consistency in identifying strengths and vulnerabilities in areas such as funding, patents, licenses, revenues, staffing, start-ups, and more. And now, when many TTOs are faced with harsh budget cuts, this kind of analysis can help pinpoint and validate where adjustments are needed, as well as offer critical evidence of the impact on commercialization efforts. These measures can also provide TTOs with the data needed to convince administrators they require more resources if they are expected to help the institution attain new, lofty objectives.

Tech Transfer Central’s Distance Learning Division has teamed up with Laura A. Schoppe, President of Fuentek, LLC, and current chair of the AUTM Foundation board, to present this highly detailed webinar that will explore methods for setting reasonable benchmarks for your TTO’s performance based on linear peer data comparisons.

Join us for:

Setting TTO Performance Benchmarks Based on Comparable Data Sets of Peer Institutions

During this one-hour webinar, Ms. Schoppe will provide you with immediately useable strategies for establishing or improving your benchmarking efforts and developing metrics that accurately reflect your TTO’s performance relative to peer institutions. Here is a sneak peek at the agenda:

  • Evaluating data to identify the most meaningful performance benchmarks
  • Selecting the appropriate datasets for peer and aspirational analysis
  • Normalizing and interpreting the data
  • Leveraging the data for planning and influencing/educating stakeholders

Meet your presenter:

Laura A. Schoppe is president of Fuentek, LLC, a consulting firm that provides intellectual property (IP) management and technology transfer services to universities, government labs, and corporations worldwide. Schoppe has an extensive background in all aspects of IP management. She has been a lead negotiator for major licensing agreements, strategic relationships, and collaboration agreements at top universities, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies around the world. Her expertise includes building efficient and effective technology management organizations; IP portfolio management; open innovation; technology marketing and strategic communications; negotiating licenses, collaborative R&D partnerships, an sponsored research agreements; and entrepreneurship training for innovators/researchers. She currently serves as the chair for the board of the AUTM Foundation.

About Fuentek

Fuentek provides comprehensive technology-related consulting services for leading university, government, and corporate decision makers around the world. Fuentek’s experienced consultants have a broad range of technical expertise, real-world business experience, and unparalleled communications capabilities. The company meets the specific needs of each client, with a commitment to being value-added in its innovation management, strategic consulting, branding and marketing, deal-making, market research, and training services.

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