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Social Media For TTOs: Best Practices for Branding, Relationship-Building and Marketing Innovations

Format: Live Webinar, On-Demand Video, DVD, or PDF Transcript
Friday, October 11, 2019 ~ 1:00-2:00 pm (Eastern Time)

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Social media offers tech transfer and industry engagement offices a potentially powerful array of tools for increasing your brand recognition, forging strong relationships with faculty, students and the business community, and even as a vehicle to market innovations. But maximizing the impact of your social media marketing requires know-how that most offices don’t yet have – and as a result those efforts in many cases are scattershot, poorly targeted, and ineffective

Success and impact lie in the planning and execution of your messages, and having a solid understanding of the various social media platforms and how to best employ them in the context of research commercialization, and its various stakeholders.

To help you master these tools and techniques, Technology Transfer Tactics and University-Industry Engagement Advisor have partnered with two social media experts working in two leading university TTOs to present this detailed, how-to webinar:

Social Media For TTOs: Best Practices for Branding, Relationship-Building and Marketing Innovations

This session will delve into best practices for social media brand-building, tech marketing, and relationship-boosting by giving you proven strategies and veteran guidance for crafting creative, clear messages using your TTO’s persona, voice and identity.

Here is a sneak peek at the program agenda:

  1. Understand the difference between brand-building and tech marketing – and how social media can be used for both
  2. Engaging your audience
    1. Defining your audiences
    2. Description of your audiences, internal and external
    3. Plan what you want conversations with each audience to be about; formulate a matrix
  3. Creating your TTO’s brand/persona/identity/voice/visual vocabulary
  4. What to post?
    1. Inventions available? (Marketing)
    2. Office updates? Staffing changes? (Relationship building)
    3. Start-up/licensing stories? (Proof points)
    4. Event photos
    5. News about inventors, research (Relationship building)
    6. Using hashtags and handles effectively (start the conversation by direct address)
  5. Quality control of content:
    1. How good does it need to be for this moment, this medium, this audience?
    2. Post from your iPhone? Or use a professional video crew?
    3. Frequency
  6. Different platforms for different purposes
    1. Who do you want to reach/engage on Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Instagram?
    2. Defining your goals for each – and how to measure success. How will you know you’re being effective?
  7. Analytics: If you can’t measure it, should you really be doing it?

Plus: Get all of your questions answered during the interactive Q&A portion of the program!

Meet Your Expert Presenters:

Sara DagenSara Dagen
Marketing and Communications Manager
UF Innovate
University of Florida

Sara handles marketing and communications for all of the entities under UF Innovate. On any given day, she might mine news about start-ups or innovators to share on social media, edit website content or find a fix for one more glitch, create flyers or documents for events, plan events, or write articles about the exciting happenings at UF Innovate. After joining the UF Innovate team in 2014, Sara worked her way up from a technical editor to the communications manager. In these capacities, Sara is forced to use both sides of her brain, interpreting science speak to communicate to a business audience.

Paul TumarkinPaul Tumarkin
Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications
Tech Launch Arizona
The University of Arizona

Paul develops and executes TLA’s marketing strategies, managing the organization’s web and social media presences, and works with TLA leadership to help the organization extend its reach both into the UA community, as well as out to the greater business community. As a member of the greater UA ecosystem, he also actively participates in various university-wide marketing, branding, and communications initiatives. Paul is an active member of AUTM, and serves as an instructor teaching marketing and branding courses around the nation on behalf of the organization.  Prior to joining TLA, he worked for three years in the central marketing office of the UA. 

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