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Staffing Your TTO: Managing turnover, “quiet quitting,” remote work and other HR challenges

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Originally presented: Wednesday, December 14, 2022
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You’ve heard the buzzwords “quiet quitting” and “Great Resignation,” and your TTO may have been one of many affected by the dramatic increase in turnover they refer to. How can your office best address these worrisome trends, maintain a full staff, manage an increasingly virtual staff, and keep your commercialization activity flowing?

No one is immune — university tech transfer offices across the country are experiencing turnover, staffing shortages, and recruitment challenges like never before.

The pandemic blew open the door to a workforce that demands better work/life balance, and staffing budgets don’t ever seem to keep up with the rise in living expenses. A perfect storm has erupted creating difficult conditions for keeping and attracting staff, and scores of TTOs are suffering under the weight of too-few-hands while struggling to train the new staff they’ve hired to fill the gaps.

TTOs seem to be hit even harder than most as tech transfer professionals have gained leverage in the highly competitive field, yet university budgets may not allow the salary levels needed to keep them from jumping ship. And the remote work challenge comes as the icing on the cake, potentially stripping away the office’s sense of camaraderie and the ability to “drop-in” for a quick chat on important items.

But there are creative ways aimed at retaining your current staff, recruiting top candidates for open positions, and addressing HR issues head on. That’s why we’ve lined up a stellar team of presenters from MIT, UPenn, and U Michigan to discuss their staffing and HR challenges – and offer their key strategies and tactics for overcoming those challenges.

Join us for this practical one-hour webinar featuring MIT’s Lesley Millar-Nicholson and Marieta Hurtado, Penn’s Micheal Poisel, and U Michigan’s Kelly Sexton:

Staffing Your TTO

Join our high-powered panel as they discuss challenges, strategies, and solutions related to:

  • Hiring freezes, salary caps, and budget cuts
  • On-boarding/off-boarding of staff
  • Team building in the remote working environment
  • Career development opportunities
  • Work/life balance
  • Recruitment and retention efforts that attract quality candidates
  • Public vs private universities: the pros and cons that each face related to staffing
  • Understanding “quiet quitting” and how to inspire staff

Meet your panelists:

Lesley Millar-NicholsonLesley Millar-Nicholson
Executive Director

Michael D. PoiselMichael D. Poisel, MS, MBA
Executive Director
PCI Ventures
Univerity of Pennsylvania

Kelly SextonKelly Sexton, PhD
Associate Vice President for Research and Innovation Partnerships
University of Michigan

Marieta HurtadoMarieta Hurtado
HR Administrator
Office of Strategic Alliances & Technology Transfer (OSATT)
Technology Licensing Office | OSATT Core


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