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Successful Transition of University IP From Discovery to Market: Case Study of the Johns Hopkins D2M Project

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Originally presented: December 02, 2015

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Moving IP through the commercialization pipeline to the marketplace can often be hampered, ironically, by having too many invention disclosures.  TTOs must commit enormous time and staff resources to conduct objective analyses of each invention, most  of which are ultimately deemed non-viable for the commercial market. Providing a “go” or “no go” decision early is critical, before time and money are spent unnecessarily. 

Johns Hopkins University has integrated this process with an educational opportunity for its MBA students — and with great success. The Discovery to Market (D2M) project allows students to assess the commercial potential of scientific discoveries and technological innovations, with the goal of producing future Chief Innovation Officers and informed CEOs who truly understand the complex interplay of science, technology and the business world.

Working in teams, students determine the commercial feasibility of real scientific inventions such as biomarkers, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biologics, and health IT. Industry experts in entrepreneurship, law and regulation, technology, strategy, science, and medicine serve as advisors and mentors.

Since the program’s inception, JHTT has seen significant decreases in patent filing costs and an increase in potential for translational funding — plus they’ve identified solid licensees based on the student analyses. To share their success and the inner workings of the program, we’ve invited a team from JHU to present this case-study style webinar:

Successful Transition of University IP From Discovery to Market: Case Study of the Johns Hopkins D2M Project

Please join us for this one hour webinar where key Johns Hopkins staff will cover:

About D2M:

  • How the program was conceived and why
  • Day to day management
  • Funding for D2M
  • Recruitment strategies and building a panel of expert mentors for student teams
  • How the project has enhanced local and regional economic growth

About the students:

  • Criteria for acceptance into the program
  • Description of duties and tasks assigned to students
  • Intern/extern opportunities

Benefits to the TTO:

  • Significant cost-savings related to:
    • Staff time
    • Patent costs
    • Providing early “no go” decisions
  • See examples of market research and commercialization analysis by student teams supervised by industry expert mentors
  • How JHU has received help with translational funding due to the project

Your program leaders:

Supriya MunshawSupriya Munshaw, PhD, Lecturer, The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Dr. Munshaw received her PhD in Computational Biology & Bioinformatics from Duke University. After her post-doctoral fellowship in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Johns Hopkins, Supriya joined Carey Business School’s Discovery to Market project team in August 2012. Her research expertise is in the field of immunology and infectious diseases. She has always been a proponent of translational scientific research, which led to her interest in commercialization and pharmaceutical strategy.

Ami D GadhiaAmi D Gadhia, JD, LLM, CLP, Portfolio Director- Physical Sciences & Engineering, Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer Office. Ms. Gadhia’s role is to lead and grow the JHTT Physical Science portfolio in order to demonstrate the increasing value of Johns Hopkins’ innovations to internal and external customers. She accomplishes this by cultivating excellent relationships with faculty and managing one of the largest and most technologically diverse case dockets comprising bioinformatics, medical devices, software, educational evaluation tools, and other physical science technologies. She has developed strong corporate relationships and serves as a liaison with JHU School of Engineering. Ms. Gadhia also evaluates inventor disclosures and identifies commercial scenarios for strategically marketing technologies.

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