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University Start-Up Boot Camp Volume III: Achieving Maximum Success

A Seven-Session Distance Learning Collection
Format: On-Demand Video with closed captions
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One of the biggest challenges facing TTOs today is generating more start-ups, jobs, and economic growth by cultivating an integrated local community of entrepreneurs, innovators, mentors and early-stage investors. It’s a huge job that requires both vision and skilled attention to the plethora of details and many tasks that go on behind the scenes every day. Your university’s success will be largely dependent on how well those details and tasks are attended to.

That’s where solid training and professional development come into play – and that’s why we’ve just released the all-new Volume III of our popular distance learning series, University Start-Up Boot Camp.

Volume III of this critically acclaimed collection contains over 7 hours of detailed guidance and advice led by a world-class roster of academic start-up experts. Each program will provide you with the detailed guidance and advice needed to launch and manage more start-ups as well as foster a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem to support them.

University Start-Up Boot Camp Volume III: Achieving Maximum Success has immediately useable takeaways focused on some of the most critical topics and challenges in university start-up management, including:

  • Creating and managing campus business plan competitions
  • How to speed the launch of start-ups via accelerators and ensure more companies survive long-term
  • Establishing a university-backed VC to guarantee a ready source of funding
  • Negotiating tips for equity deals and anti-dilution terms
  • How to set and manage realistic start-up milestones
  • Lean marketing and digital media strategies for your start-ups

Learn all of this and much more when you order today

You get the On-Demand Video with closed captions and original program materials – and receive unlimited access for you, your staff and faculty. You can use this valuable collection over and over whenever the need arises, and share it freely throughout your organization! Here is a complete list of program titles:

  1. Achieving Maximum Impact from Campus Business Plan and Start-Up Competitions
  2. Start-Up Accelerator Best Practices: Speed the Launch of Sustainable Businesses
  3. University VC Funds: Provide the Fuel for Your Commercialization Engine
  4. Negotiating Your University’s Equity Stake in Start-Ups
  5. Tricky Business: Drafting Anti-Dilution Clauses in University Spinout Equity Deals
  6. Managing Milestones for University Start-Ups: Funding and Operational Goal Setting Best Practices
  7. Lean Marketing & Digital Media Strategies for University Start-Ups

Here’s a peek at what’s covered in each session:


Achieving Maximum Impact from Campus Business Plan and Start-Up Competitions

Presenters: Brad Burke, Managing Director of the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship, and Brad Bernthal, director of the Silicon Flatirons Center’s Entrepreneurship Initiative at CU-Boulder and an Associate Clinical Professor at Colorado Law School

We have recruited the leaders overseeing both events to share their best practices for creating, fundraising for, marketing, and maintaining a successful campus-basedbusiness competition. Plus, you’ll get a look at the inner workings of each competition during the in-depth case study portion of the program. Mr. Burke and Mr. Bernthal will review:

  • How to build excitement and support among stakeholders across campus and beyond
  • Strategies for ensuring maximum participation
  • Marketing to both internal and external audiences
  • Fundraising strategies that limit any negative impact on you TTO budget
  • Best practices for recruiting high-profile judges from a broad base of investors, business leaders, and entrepreneurs
  • Case studies of two super-successful competitions illustrate each event’s format and variants such as:
    • Screening mechanism for applicants
    • Prizes
    • Working with competing teams
    • Marketing tools and strategies
    • Judging criteria
  • How to maximize the impact of competitions on future commercialization efforts
  • Strategies for partnering with economic development groups
  • Building and maintaining momentum for future competitions
  • Case study of each competition’s evolution and success

Start-Up Accelerator Best Practices: Speed the Launch of Sustainable Businesses

Presenters: Gordon McConnell from AZ Furnace and Nicole Glaros from Techstars

Discover best practices, lessons learned, and key success strategies for creating and sustaining a vibrant, effective accelerator.

  • Having the right team: Recruiting great leaders and mentors and leveraging their strengths
  • Mentor-led: Running accelerators like the private sector — e.g. pushing the start-ups hard
  • Working with the Tech Transfer Office
  • How to constructively coach business founders
  • Best practice advice on how to help teams work through their challenges
  • Sourcing: Evangelizing to the student and faculty
  • Securing funding sources that thrive on supporting early-stage start-ups
  • Creating an environment of trust and alignment among all parties
  • Criteria points to ensure you pick great companies
  • Setting the tone to drive towards results through training programs and networking events
  • Running competitions that make sense and bring the desired results
  • How to accelerate best product/market fit and when to pivot
  • Managing Failure (know when to let a project go)

University VC Funds: Provide the Fuel for Your Commercialization Engine

Presenters: Michael Silton, Executive Chair of the UCLA VC Fund, and Bill Harrington, Managing Partner at Osage University Partners

Two world-class experts will reveal the trends and unique approaches you can take to identify and develop investment and fund development opportunities in the university environment.

Goals to consider when creating a fund:

  • Identifying the primary and secondary purposes of the Fund
  • What is the definition of success for the fund?

Determining structure and choosing an Investment Decision Process:

  • What methods are used to identify potential investments
  • Criteria used in evaluating potential investments
  • Pros and cons of investing in non-university companies
  • How should the investment decision be made
  • Dealing with co-investors and planning for future funding rounds
  • Pros and cons of outside boards and advisors

Operational issues

  • Addressing potential conflicts of interest
  • Board membership, voting
  • Start-up ownership structure
  • University equity and dilution issues
  • Exit planning
  • Building and tapping an expert network
  • Fund interaction with the Tech Transfer Office

Negotiating Your Universitys Equity Stake in Start Ups

Presenter: Ben Kern, partner at Winston & Strawn LLP

A poorly drafted agreement can cost your school dearly in a severe dilution as more investors are brought on board, yet if terms are too favorable for the university future investment could also be imperiled. Learn to strike the right balance in this nuts and bolts program.

  • Negotiating tactics proven to protect against unnecessary dilution
  • What percentage of equity is appropriate
  • Negotiating your participation in:
    • Funding rounds
    • Board participation
  • How to choose the best equity structure:
    • Upfront
    • Milestone
    • Phantom
  • Working with a standardized term sheet and when to negotiate away from it
  • And much more…

Tricky Business: Drafting Anti-Dilution Clauses in University Spinout Equity Deals

Presenter: Benjamin D. Kern, Partner, Winston & Strawn LLP

Technology Transfer Tactics’ Distance Learning Division is partnering with a top IP licensing expert to help you draft agreements that walk this tightrope effectively, protect your university’s and your faculty’s interests, and prevent investor turn-offs that can doom the start-up’s long-term prospects. Here’s what Mr. Kern will cover in this detailed session:

Understand licensing terms that impact funding:

  • Scope of license
  • The university’s equity position
  • Exclusivity
  • Milestone payments
  • Sublicensing fees/restrictions
  • “Pay to play” provisions

Protecting the University:

  • Appropriate thresholds and formulas for change in equity percentage
  • How dilution affects valuation and pricing
  • University’s rights to further investment

Protect founders by carefully considering:

  • Funding milestones tied to valuations
  • Stock option plans and alternatives
  • Cumulative dividends

Understanding the two main formulas for approaching antidilution protection:

  • Full ratchet
  • Weighted average
    • Narrow-based
    • Broad-based

Managing Milestones for University Start-Ups: Funding and Operational Goal Setting Best Practices

Presenters: Thomas Lipkin, PhD,  from UCLA’s New Ventures Group, and Gerard Eldering of InnovateTech Ventures

Technology Transfer Tactics has teamed up with Thomas Lipkin, PhD,  from UCLA’s New Ventures Group, and Gerard Eldering of InnovateTech Ventures, who will provide their best practice advice on how to chronologically set aggressive yet attainable goals based on the nature and stage of the start-up’s technology, experience level of the entrepreneur, funding requirements for the business, and other key factors. Here’s a brief look at the agenda:

  • Use your “SMARTs” to set your goals:
    •  Specific
    • Measurable
    • Action-oriented
    • Realistic
    • Timely
  • Why a “kill switch” is a must-have milestone
  • Setting realistic capital milestones when seeking:
    • Seed funding
    • Working capital
    • Expansion capital
    • Bridge funding
  • Recruitment of executive level management
  • Understand and prepare for operational milestone nuances specific to:
    • R&D partnership start ups
    • Faculty-led companies
    • Student-led companies
    • Nature and stage of technology
  • Product and business development milestones
  • Sales and revenue milestones
  • Setting specific milestones according to licensing goals
  • Adjusting milestones and setting new expectations
  • Dealing with the “big miss”
  • And more…

Lean Marketing & Digital Media Strategies for University Start-Ups

Presenters: Catherine Blake, President and Founder, Sales Protocol, and Gerard Eldering, Founder and President, InnovateTech Ventures

Our faculty will teach you and your team how to inject lean methodology into marketing plans and strategies — so your university’s start-ups can get vital exposure without breaking the bank. Here is a sneak peek at the program agenda:

Step-by-step instruction on how to develop your lean marketing plan by:

  • Identifying and playing up your strengths
  • Addressing and improving your weak points

Proven methods for coaching a science-focused founder into the marketing and social media world

Stoking your brand with digital media:

  • Choosing the right platforms to tell your story
  • Reaching your target and getting the message right
  • Using digital media to support crowdfunding campaigns

What strategies work best for attracting:

  • Investors
  • Strategic Partners
  • Start-up Leadership
  • Customers

To make this outstanding collection most useful to you and your organization, with your purchase you receive:

  • On-Demand Video access with closed captions to all programs
  • Access to all of the original program materials including slideshows and handouts for attendees

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