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“Shrink Wrap” Your University’s Technologies for Industry: Packaging Your Innovations to Minimize Corporate Risk and Extract Optimum Licensing Value

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Originally presented: January 27, 2010

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The world has changed in the aftermath of the global recession, and so has the world of early-stage technology licensing. Corporate licensees and investors alike have become significantly more risk-averse, making it nearly impossible to close deals for early-stage innovations without a clear path to market.

To adapt to this new reality, the TTO’s job also must change, with a major emphasis on producing a compelling story for innovations and creating offerings that “de-risk” these innovations. It’s what Nick Webb of Lassen Innovation calls “shrink wrapping” your technologies, and it’s now a key factor in the success of research commercialization efforts. It means more front-end work to present your IP with a solid, in-depth market analysis and adopting proven analytical methods used by corporations to identify and plug any holes that could affect the valuation of your IP.

Order today and join serial inventor and innovation guru Nick Webb for a 90-minute distance learning program that will bring you critical new insights into the corporate buyer’s decision-making process.

“Shrink Wrap” Your University’s Technologies for Industry: Packaging Your Innovations to Minimize Corporate Risk and Extract Optimum Licensing Value

Find out from world-renowned expert Nick Webb how to meet and exceed corporate expectations and de-risk your IP for a faster, smoother and more lucrative deal. During this audioconference you’ll learn:

  1. How to incorporate a “stage gate” process into your innovation launch procedures
  2. What analytical tools you should be using when evaluating an innovation … and which ones to avoid
  3. How to “shrink wrap” your technologies for a quick and profitable transfer
  4. A step-by-step process for creating compelling technology offering memorandums
  5. How to avoid the five “deal killers” when negotiating your technology licenses
  6. How to use technology “dovetailing” to optimize the value of your IP
  7. And much more!

Your Expert Presenter

Nicholas Webb is the founder and President of Lassen Innovation, and has lived and breathed innovation from idea to product to company and beyond. His inventions include one of the world’s smallest medical implants, surgical instruments, industrial products, gourmet kitchen tools, and hardware products to name just a few. Mr. Webb has moved from an early career as an inventor, company founder and innovation consultant to a broader practice in management consulting. As a Certified Management Consultant® he provides consulting services to some of the world’s top universities including MIT. Corporate clients include Honeywell, ITW and a range of multibillion dollar corporations. Webb and his inventions have appeared on the Leeza Gibbons Show, Howard Stern, a Food Network Pilot “Cooking Up Inventions,” and most national news programs including ABC, NBC and Fox News. He has also written a noted book on health care, The Cost of Being Sick: A Prevention Initiative (Sound Concepts, 2003), and is a sought-after speaker in a variety of invention and business forums.

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