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Stretch Your TTO’s Budget: Tap Into Industry Resources and Partnerships

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Originally presented: Thursday, April 29, 2010

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TTO budgets are notoriously skimpy — and economic conditions haven’t helped, to say the least. Many offices are struggling to operate effectively with fewer resources, and cost-cutting has gotten its fair share of attention by most. But there is another way to stretch your TTO budget that takes the opposite approach: adding resources and dollars from industry collaborators.

The fact is that, even without specific IP, many well-heeled companies want to be on your speed dial and develop relationships with the university, hoping to be first in line for critical new technologies and anxious to get a glimpse at what’s going on behind the laboratory doors. For cash-strapped TTOs, these companies can be a wellspring of needed resources and funds beyond the typical licensee or sponsored research relationship.  What’s more, these relationships often lead directly to future licensing deals, bringing even more benefit to your tech transfer program.

To help you tap into these industry resources and funds, Technology Transfer Tactics’ Distance Learning Division has partnered with a TTO executive who has made it his mission to offset tight money constraints by forging corporate partnerships and utilizing industry funding to further the office’s aims and bolster its budget.  Mike Rondelli, Director of Technology Transfer and Commercialization, has successfully led San Diego State University ‘s TTO to consistent high performance in the ratio of research dollars spent  to licensing revenues earned.

Find out how SDSU’s secrets of success by joining us for a 90-minute distance learning program that will offer first-hand advice on how to offset tight budget constraints by forging partnerships, utilizing industry resources, and more.

Stretch Your TTO’s Budget:
Tap Into Industry Resources and Partnerships

Your expert presenter, Michael Rondelli, will reveal his experiences, successes and failures coupled with examples of how his TTO has bolstered its budget by tapping into a wealth of industry partnerships, resources, and funding opportunities. He’ll discuss:

  • How to find and approach the right people within the targeted industry
  • Strategies for making your TTO the “go to” resource in the minds of faculty and industry
  • Tapping into a rich industry financial vein to support research, contests, start-up ventures, and other TTO activities
  • Building internal bridges with your grant and sponsored research departments, and using their expertise to ferret out funding for your department
  • How trust-building efforts with faculty can lead to better industry ties
  • Addressing conflict-of-interest challenges
  • Breeding an environment where faculty sees the value of the TTO and industry relationships
  • Bringing the student population into the mix
  • Effective PR, outreach and marketing techniques that keep you top-of-mind with industry
  • Metrics to support your position as a worthy industry ally
  • And much more!

Your Expert Presenter

Michael Rondelli, Program Manager, Technology Transfer
Michael Rondelli is the Director of Technology Transfer and Commercialization, responsible for the protection and commercialization of technologies developed at SDSU. He serves SDSURF through the patenting of inventions developed by SDSU faculty, analyzing the commercial values of those inventions, and developing licenses and spin-off companies that utilize those technologies. Additionally, he provides assistance in securing research grants for the continued development of technologies on campus. Prior to joining the Research Foundation, Rondelli worked in the venture capital industry in New York as a specialist in business and strategic development. His experience includes acquisitions of public and private companies, purchasing companies from bankruptcy, business plan development, raising multi-million dollar venture capital rounds, and building marketing/sales teams. Venture funds he has worked for include Venture Credit, ICES Ventures and Iron Street Labs. Rondelli is an active member of the Association of University Technology Managers, the Licensing Executives’ Society, Bio, Biocom, San Diego Venture Group, Security Network, and the Software Industry Association. He also provides expertise in new company formation and business development to the Spin-Out Committee of the Center for the Commercialization of Advanced Technologies. Rondelli earned his juris doctorate from the University of San Diego, his master’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in finance from Texas Christian University, and his bachelor’s degree in marketing (with honors) from Washington University in Saint Louis.

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