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Supercharge Your TTO’s Website: Case Study Presented by the University of Rochester

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Originally presented: June 16, 2011

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In today’s “paperless” society, for most TTOs the web has become a primary means of showcasing technologies for corporations and investors. Unfortunately, however, many TTO websites are buried so deep within the university site that frustration can take over — and your potential licensees, partners, and investors are lost in the maze. Others turn prospects off with hard-to-find contact information, technical jargon that overshadows key benefits and market opportunities, and poor design that leaves a negative impression.

But revamping your website can be a daunting, time-consuming and costly task. The University of Rochester can identify with all of the above and that’s why they formed a team consisting of the university’s offices of technology transfer, the Simon Graduate School of Business, and the Center for Entrepreneurship to Create and maintain the newly launched Entrepreneur-Ready Technologies website: (

Join Technology Transfer Tactics’ Distance Learning Division and the university team that built this outstanding new site for an in-depth case study. They’ll walk you step-by-step through the process of creating the new website and provide dozens of takeaways that you can implement to beef up your own web presence.

Here’s our panel and what they will discuss:

  • Don Golini, founder of QED Technologies and lecturer at the Simon Graduate School of Business. Don recognized the need for a resource that outlines technology commercialization opportunities distilled into business terms. He’ll talk about forming the committee and the people who served on it.
  • Natalie Antal, marketing manager, and Maureen Konopka, program assistant, University of Rochester Center for Entrepreneurship. Natalie and Maureen will discuss logistical execution of the site and the site’s components.
  • Duncan Moore, vice provost for entrepreneurship at the University of Rochester. Duncan will talk about the Center for Entrepreneurship’s role in the site’s development and the involvement of students in the project.
  • Corine Farewell, director of the Office of Technology Transfer, University of Rochester River Campus. Corine will focus on the TTO’s role and the cross-campus collaboration involved in the project.

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