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Technology Commercialization Roadmap

Communicate Progress with Faculty Inventors and Keep Commercialization Efforts on Track
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Originally presented: August 07, 2014

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roadmapOne of the biggest roadblocks for universities in technology commercialization is the perceived “black hole” of communication between the TTO and the faculty inventor. Too often — and certainly not intentionally — inventors feel left out of the vetting process and unaware of where their discovery is in the commercialization process. 

Because of this lack of transparency, The University of South Alabama noticed there was a growing sense of discontent among faculty. At the same time, the TTO struggled under the weight of disclosures that were taking up money, time and resources before eventually being deemed commercially nonviable.  Tech transfer managers set out to rectify that by creating their Commercialization Roadmap.

The rationale for creating the Roadmap was to use it as an educational tool to inform inventors of where their invention was in the process, but it also helped to illustrate the TTO’s vetting process and rationale for saying “no.” And, in addition to strengthening faculty relationships, the Commercialization Roadmap has also improved the TTO’s efficiency and quality of disclosures.

Through use of the Commercialization Roadmap, they are now seeing an unprecedented 90% licensing rate of patented inventions — a rate that’s head and shoulders above the national average. That’s why we’ve invited Dr. Andrew Byrd to demonstrate, step-by-step, the University of South Alabama’s Commercialization Roadmap — both how it’s used and how it has led to major improvements in faculty satisfaction with the TTO as well as a huge leap in efficiency for the office. Please join him for this time and money saving webinar sponsored by Technology Transfer Tactics:

Technology Commercialization Roadmap:
Communicate Progress with Faculty Inventors and
Keep Commercialization Efforts on Track

In this detailed program, Dr. Byrd will share the lessons learned and key strategies used along the way — so you can create a roadmap that works for your university.  Here’s a quick look at the agenda:

  • Identify areas of improvement in your disclosure vetting process
  • Tips for conducting successful faculty meetings
  • How to successfully include faculty in the due diligence process
  • Increase your disclosure management efficiency
  • Dramatically Increase patent-to-license ratios
  • Know when to utilize outside commercial assessments
  • Hear two case studies — each with a very different conclusion

Meet your expert presenter:

Andrew E. ByrdAndrew E. Byrd, PhD, MBA, Marketing & Licensing Associate, Intellectual Property Management, University of South Alabama (USA) – Office of Technology Transfer. Dr Byrd is responsible identifying, assessing, protecting and commercializing promising intellectual property emerging from USA research. Sd Marketing & Licensing Associate, he strives to establish and maintain positive relationships with USA faculty, while building industry relations with the intent of creating collaborations and identifying potential licensees. Dr. Byrd’s involvement in USA technology transfer is pervasive, from technology scouting, invention disclosure and due diligence assessment, through patenting and licensing. In addition, he works closely with the USA Melton Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the Coastal Innovation Hub, USA’s tech-based start-up incubator. As such, Dr. Byrd has assisted and advised in the formation and startup of five USA-spinoff biotech companies in the past year. Dr. Byrd is a member of the regional Angel Investor Management Group, and participates in their Due Diligence team to assess biotechnology based startup companies for capital investment decisions.

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