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Tech Transfer Primer for New Staff and Faculty

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Originally presented: Thursday, March 5, 2020

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Technology transfer is a complicated process that involves many moving parts, and the unfortunate fact of life for many TTOs is that many faculty researchers just don’t get it — and don’t trust it.

But there is a bright side: When effective outreach is employed, researchers who are well-versed in the tech transfer process are more likely to disclose higher quality IP that leads to a license or start-up company than their counterparts. Likewise, having well-grounded TTO staff that can support PIs in a way that safeguards the university’s and researcher’s interests makes the path to commercialization that much more successful.

In short, teaching faculty and staff about the commercialization process — what to expect, what their role is, and why some innovations make it and some don’t — is paramount. When it comes to engaged researchers and effective staff support, knowledge is power.

That’s why our Distance Learning Division has partnered with tech transfer veteran Joe Runge, JD, Business Development Manager with UNeMed, who will tap his many years of experience to bring you, your faculty,and your staff this thorough introduction to technology transfer:

Tech Transfer Primer for New Staff and Faculty

Here’s a brief look at the agenda:

  • Where it began: Understanding Bayh-Dole
  • The do’s and don’ts of publishing, presenting and disclosing your invention
  • Understanding the invention evaluation process:
    • Intellectual property protection: trademarks, copyrights and patents
    • Marketing: Finding the right audience
    • Licensing and startups: Which path suits your invention best?

Meet Your Program Leader:

Joe RungeJoe Runge
Business Development Manager

Joe is a registered patent lawyer, a published scientist and is licensed to practice in the state of Nebraska. He has lectured on entrepreneurship, intellectual property and regulatory law. Joe writes regularly on intellectual property and entrepreneurship and is a 15-year veteran of technology transfer with an emphasis on development and start-ups. The principle investigator of the Medical Device Pipeline i6 program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Joe’s emphasis is now on the UNeTech Institute and leveraging university expertise, inventions and research resources to add value to university and community launched start-ups. Joe is also the co-host of Innovation Overground — the front porch of University Innovation — new episodes every Monday – available wherever you listen to podcasts.

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