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The Founder’s Pie Calculator Workshop: How to Ensure Founders Get their Fair Share of Equity

Format: On-Demand Video/Transcript, or DVD
Originally presented: Thursday, June 28, 2018

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When starting a company, you have to decide who owns what. And that starts with calculating equity among the founders. While most approach this task logically by splitting equity equally, in the long run that can be detrimental to the company and founders at critical points during the company’s lifespan. 

Why? Because some founders simply bring more to the table than others and should compensated as such. This is particularly true for university start-ups, which are more likely to have multiple founders — and where a faculty founder may have wildly different roles and responsibilities, as well as the IP contribution, when compared with a co-founding entrepreneur.

While it sounds like an unpleasant conversation, the tools provided in this workshop make the task of equity division logical, simple, and fair.

Please join Frank Demmler, adjunct teaching professor of entrepreneurship, Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University, for this 90-minute webinar workshop:

The Founder’s Pie Calculator Workshop: How to Ensure Founders Get their Fair Share of Equity

This program will teach you how to start the conversation among founders and divide equity in the company based on proven calculations. Topics covered will include:

  • When and how the calculator should be used
  • What 5 questions founders should ask themselves when considering equity divisions
  • How to accurately calculate 5 essential variables using absolute and weighted scores
  • Frameworks for dividing equity shares
  • Key considerations:
    • Founders vs. non-founders
    • Stock options vs. restricted stock
    • Pre-financing vs. post financing

FREE BONUS: A copy of the calculator will be available with your order

Meet your session leader:

Frank DemmlerFrank Demmler
Adjunct Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship
Vice President of Entrepreneurial Services
Innovation Works
Carnegie Mellon University

Mr. Demmler has served as Adjunct or Associate Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurship of the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University since 1987. He currently serves as Innovation Works’ Vice President of Entrepreneurial Services, leading the organization’s Executives in Residence and overseeing the business services provided to the enterprises that receive investments from IW. He is also a Managing Director of Riverfront Venture Fund, a $23.7 million fund that invests in the Pittsburgh region. Mr. Demmler has more than 30 years’ experience advising both entrepreneurs and angel investors, and has significant experience as a founder and investor having served as President and CEO of the Future Fund, General Partner of the Pittsburgh Seed Fund, co-founder and investment advisor of the Western Pennsylvania Adventure Capital Fund, and Vice President of Venture Development for the Enterprise Corporation of Pittsburgh. Mr. Demmler is a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Pittsburgh Venture Capital Association.

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