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Topics in Tech Transfer: Faculty and Corporate Outreach

Includes a 6-session DVD set, On-Demand Video, PDF Transcript, and original program materials
Format: DVD, On-Demand Video and PDF Transcript

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Successful outreach to both faculty and industry is widely regarded as the linchpin of successful tech transfer organizations, and this six-session collection provides a great source of best practices for optimizing your outreach efforts. From boosting disclosures and identifying entrepreneurial talent on campus to cementing relationships with administrators and becoming a go-to resource for industry tech seekers, you’ll find outstanding guidance from your colleagues at leading TTOs.

Topics in Tech Transfer:
Faculty and Corporate Outreach

includes these 6 outstanding sessions:
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1. Proven Strategies for Dramatically Boosting Invention Disclosures. Learn how Emory University’s VentureLab has increased its disclosure rate in every year of its existence.

2. Fueling the Entrepreneurial Fire: Identifying and Cultivating Future Business Creators. Three top experts will guide you, sharing their proven strategies and tactics for engaging with innovators, creating multi-faceted, high-energy environments, and offering a menu of resources that support and nurture entrepreneurship.

3. Best Practices for TTOs in Forging Strong Internal Stakeholder Relationships. Forging strong internal stakeholder relationships is no small undertaking and can’t be accomplished quickly or easily — but the benefits of a coordinated and continuous effort are astounding.

4. How University Life Sciences Innovations Can Become a Fixture in Big Pharma’s Pipeline. Lean how to position your TTO as a partner of choice for pharma collaborations.

5. Expert Corporate Relations Strategies for Long-Term Industry-TTO Partnerships. Get practical take-aways that you can use to start building relationships and partnerships that will ultimately provide a long-term flow of deals and funding.

6. Great Ideas for Improving Faculty Outreach and Enhancing Researcher-TTO Relations. Learn to overcome faculty resistance, enhance researcher communication and education, and build critically important, positive relationships with your most important resource — your inventors.

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  • PDF Transcripts to all programs
  • Access to all of the original program materials including slideshows and handouts for attendees

Share the materials throughout your organization! For just $497 for all 6 of these outstanding programs, it’s the most cost-effective training you can get!

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