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Tech transfer metrics: Establish meaningful performance measures and demonstrate your TTO’s true value

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Originally presented: June 25, 2008

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There’s nothing more frustrating than working long hours to achieve outstanding results but not getting the credit you and your team deserve. Or worse yet, despite what you know are solid achievements, not being able to prove it to skeptical administrators. Yet that’s exactly the position many tech transfer professionals find themselves in, for one critical reason: a lack of meaningful metrics.

Gross data on annual licensing revenues, start-ups, invention disclosures, and patents are widely available and have been used as the yardsticks of success. But tech transfer professionals know these only scratch the surface of how their offices should be measured. Often these benchmarks are like comparing apples and oranges for offices with major differences across a broad continuum of sizes, philosophies, research budgets, structures, and geographies.

But a growing number of TTOs are rising to the challenge of meaningful performance measurement. They’re devising metrics that apply to their own unique circumstances and goals, provide true insight into the value of their activities and achievements, and offer a data roadmap to pinpoint improvement opportunities.

Now you can dramatically boost your ability to gauge — and prove — your TTO’s performance by implementing advanced metrics and benchmarking systems. You’ll get detailed guidance from two well-known experts when you join us for a live international audioconference:

Tech transfer metrics: Establish meaningful performance
measures and demonstrate your TTO’s true value

Too many TTOs struggle when it comes to devising metrics, and the lack of performance data not only limits the ability of managers to adjust and plan for improvement, it also limits your ability to demonstrate the value of your office’s hard work to administrators, who often only see results in terms of licenses, revenues, and profits — or more likely, losses. In this practical and thought-provoking session — produced by Technology Transfer Tactics monthly newsletter — you’ll get detailed advice and guidance on implementing a next-generation set of metrics. You’ll have a new and improved framework for continuous improvement while significantly enhancing your ability to tell a compelling story of the TTO’s impact to administrators and other stakeholders.

Take your tech transfer program to the next level using metrics that relate specifically to your TTO’s goals and opportunities

In this 90-minute session, you’ll get new and innovative performance measurement ideas and tactics you can use immediately to better gauge results and demonstrate your TTOs impact. And you’ll learn from two tech transfer leaders with unparalleled expertise: John Fraser, AUTM’s immediate past president and TTO director at Florida State University, and Dana Bostrom, former AUTM VP for metrics and surveys and director of Innovation & Industry Alliances at Portland State University.

Here’s what you’ll learn as you listen:

  • new ways of looking at TTO performance
  • going beyond licenses and revenues
  • establishing program-specific metrics based on goals
  • measuring staff performance and efficiency relative to budget
  • measuring faculty service, community impact
  • marketing metrics
  • adjusting for university characteristics: getting to apples-to-apples
  • using data to plan for improvement
  • demonstrating value: student, faculty, and university impact
  • gathering and presenting economic development data
  • assessing impact on research funding
  • non-obvious “profits” and revenues you should attributable to your TTO
  • and much more!

Meet Your Faculty

John Fraser is Assistant Vice President for Research and Economic Development, and Executive Director of the Office of IP Development and Commercialization at Florida State University in Tallahassee, where he has led the school’s tech transfer efforts since 1996. During 2006-2007 he also served as President of the Association of University Technology Managers. Prior to FSU, he served as Director of the University/Industry Liaison Office at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. In addition, he has held positions as Executive Vice President and co-founder of UTC, Inc., a venture capital-backed, North Carolina-based university licensing/technology transfer firm; President and CEO of UTI, a University of Calgary based for-profit technology transfer company; Vice President of TDC, Inc., a Toronto and Vancouver-based venture capital firm; and President of Burnside Development, a technology commercialization consulting firm. He has co-founded three companies and assisted entrepreneurs in launching another twelve technology-based start-ups.

Dana Bostrom is Director of Innovation & Industry Alliances at Portland State University, Portland, OR. She has been a leading figure in the Association of University Technology Managers effort to build a standard set of metrics for tech transfer offices, and recently finished her term as AUTM’s vice president for metrics and surveys. She is regarded as one of the country’s leading experts on the subject of tech transfer performance measurement.

Who Should Listen

Technology transfer managers and professionals, licensing specialists, IP attorneys and consultants, research VPs, government IP managers, university administrators, and others with an interest in tech transfer performance measurement, reporting, and improvement.

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