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Tech Transfer Marketing Metrics in the Digital Age: What’s Working and What’s Wasting Time and Money?

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Originally presented: Thursday, November 8, 2012
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Many TTOs struggle when it comes to devising meaningful marketing metrics that can help guide their marketing choices and demonstrate the results of their efforts to key stakeholders. This lack of data not only limits the ability of technology and marketing managers to adjust and plan for improvement, but also limits their ability to demonstrate the value of the TTO’s hard work to administrators, who often only see results in terms of licenses and revenues.

In this practical and thought-provoking session — produced by Technology Transfer Tactics’ monthly newsletter — you’ll get detailed guidance on implementing an actionable set of marketing metrics. You can use our expert panel’s detailed recommendations to implement a new and improved framework for continuous improvement. This will significantly enhance your ability to adjust your strategy based on real data and tell a compelling story of the TTO’s impact to administrators and other stakeholders.

Our panel of presenters is armed and ready with statistics and data to support what marketing efforts are working for their innovations — and what efforts have proven to be money and time wasters. Plus, we conducted a survey of technology marketing managers to hear what is working for them, and we’ll share the results of that survey during the program. Please join us for this nuts-and-bolts session:

Tech Transfer Marketing Metrics in the Digital Age:
What’s Working and What’s Wasting Time and Money?

Here a brief look at the program agenda:

  • How to create a metric set based on leadership expectations
  • How to devise an action plan based on your marketing results
  • Real-world data and guidance on tracking:
    • In-bound email requests
    • Out-bound email promotions
    • Unsolicited mass marketing vs individualized promotions
    • Brand vs. technology-focused marketing: which reigns supreme?
    • Social media: metrics for specific platforms and ways to maximize exposure
    • SEO and keyword best practices, as well as tracking and analysis strategies

EXCLUSIVE: Hear results of our metrics survey of university technology marketing professionals. Find out what’s working best for your colleagues at other TTOs!

Expert Presenters:

Cara Michaliszyn, Marketing Manager for the University of New Mexico-STC, works with the innovation staff and supervises student interns to develop and support the marketing of UNM’s extensive portfolio of technologies. Cara also manages the corporate marketing for STC.

Teresa Fazio, PhD, IP Portfolio Analyst with Columbia Technology Ventures, provides analytic support to technology managers and supervises the CTV Fellows internship program, which serves as an analyst pool to prepare e-mail marketing documents and online technology briefs.

Margy Elliott, Marketing & Communications Manager for Columbia Technology Ventures, manages CTV’s branding, events, web, and social media presence.

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