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Turn Old Patents into New Revenue: Assertion Strategies for University Tech Transfer Offices

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Wednesday, March 27, 2024 ~ 1:00-2:00 pm (Eastern Time)

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Every TTO has them: unlicensed older patents that cost the TTO money in maintenance fees and staff time. But don’t put them out to pasture just yet. Contrary to what you might think, old patents are often the most valuable — especially university patents, which are often years ahead of industry innovation and adoption.

Your TTO can generate licenses and royalties with this forgotten group of assets. Over the years, as markets and industries evolved, these patented technologies may have become part of products that by all rights should have involved a license – representing potentially significant revenues for your university and your faculty. Even if you don’t have the bandwidth or budget to pursue these forgotten gems, there are 3rd party options that can do it all for you: assess the portfolio, find the infringements, and handle the assertion. 

To learn how to tap into this potential, join experts from LevelSet Capital for this revenue-building webinar:

Turn Old Patents into New Revenue

Steve Pedersen of LevelSet Capital and Ami Shah of Fortress Investment Group LLC will provide a look “under the hood” at how universities can generate licenses and royalties from their older or dormant patent assets. Here’s a brief look at the agenda:

  • How can you spot valuable patents in your portfolio of dormant assets
  • Identifying companies that have products in the market based wholly or in part on your patents 
  • “Fixing patents” through post-grant proceedings to enable assertion
  • The economics and options for university enforcement campaigns
  • Tips for approaching your administration about generating licenses and royalties from old patents
  • Review of other types of IP-based investments in the market today

Plus: Get all of your questions answered during the interactive Q&A portion of the program!

Register today and you’ll gain valuable insights into how your office can generate revenue from dust-collecting patents!

After the live session, keep the on-demand video for future training and education.

Meet your team of experts:

Ami Patel ShahAmi Patel Shah
Managing Director
Fortress Investment Group LLC’s Intellectual Property Finance Group

Ms. Shah focuses on a wide variety of investment opportunities in connection with intellectual property and technology. Prior to joining Fortress in 2013, Ms. Shah worked for Intel, most recently heading Intel’s Global Wireless Patents group, overseeing Intel’s patent procurement, licensing, transaction, and monetization activities and their development partners. At Intel, Ms. Shah also held wide-ranging and deep technical responsibilities, as well as led Intel’s standards bodies interactions.  Before joining Intel, she was with the law firms of Dorsey & Whitney and Fish & Richardson, where she worked on patent prosecution, licensing, and litigation matters.

Ms. Shah is recognized as one of the World’s Leading IP Strategists by Intellectual Asset Magazine in the IAM 300, awarded to individuals with an established track record in developing and rolling out world-class IP value creation programs. She began her legal career as an examiner in the United States Patent Office and was an engineer in the auto industry. Ms. Shah holds a J.D. along with a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Steve PedersenSteve Pedersen
LevelSet Capital

Mr. Pedersen oversees all aspects of the LevelSet Capital’s operations. He is a lawyer by training with a career that spans over 20 years in wide ranging legal experiences.

Most recently, Mr. Pedersen has worked alongside the Intellectual Property Finance Group at Fortress, managing teams of lawyers in licensing and litigation programs for companies backed by investments from Fortress-managed funds, across a variety of venues in the United States and abroad, including the popular district courts in Texas, Delaware and California, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the U.S. International Trade Commission, and multiple courts in the European Union.

Prior to this work, Mr. Pedersen was a partner at a nationally recognized contingency law firm in Chicago that only represented patentees, and only on a contingency basis. Mr. Pedersen’s practice had a particular focus on the representation of universities in the licensing and enforcement of their patent rights. Earlier in his career, Mr. Pedersen served as a lawyer representing the public interest in trials at the U.S. International Trade Commission and, additionally, worked at a large firm, both in Washington D.C.

Mr. Pedersen’s broad experiences in litigation finance, contingency arrangements, licensing, litigation, trials, and administrative hearings, along with his prior representation of universities in patent matters, brings a unique set of skills and perspective to LevelSet Capital.

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Cost for this live program is $197 and includes up to five additional lines at no additional charge for staff within your organization who can attend remotely. We are also including our digital package – the on-demand video and transcript – at no extra charge so you can share it whenever you wish throughout your organization.

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