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Using Customer Discovery Techniques to Validate Your University IP’s Commercial Viability

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Originally presented: Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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One of the most critical challenges in managing your IP portfolio is ensuring your technologies actually have a market to sell to. Unfortunately, most TTOs have limited resources and budgets, causing a backlog of cases that can eat up patent dollars before you have a chance to analyze their true potential.

Identifying if an invention has a market — and if it does, how to best engage with those customers — doesn’t have to break the bank. There is a time- and cost-conscious method called customer discovery — a process that’s being used by tech transfer offices at Auburn University, Georgia Tech, and others. This method is proven to provide a solid “go” or “no go” decision while cutting down the product pipeline “transit time” by up to two-thirds, so you can vet more technologies and focus more resources on the winners.

We’ve lined a veteran of the customer discovery process to provide detailed guidance on implementing the process within your university. Join Georgia Tech’s Paul Freet for this groundbreaking webinar:

Using Customer Discovery Techniques to Validate
Your University IP’s Commercial Viability

Our expert presenter will reveal the theory behind customer discovery and how to put it to work at your TTO. Here’s a brief outline of what he’ll cover:

Customer Discovery: Going beyond market research to:

  • Identify your market
  • Find and solve your customers’ pain points
  • Learn how to engage customers with face-to-face contact
  • Identify your invention’s price point

How customer discovery will:

  • Conserve your time and financial resources
  • Advance and/or kill technologies rapidly
  • Make your inventions more attractive to licensees
  • Redirect research based on customer discovery findings

And much more…

Your expert presenter:

Pau FreetPaul Freet, Principal, Georgia Tech VentureLab, Georgia Institute of Technology. Mr. Freet publishes a popular blog on Customer Discovery called Get Out of the Building. He also teaches entrepreneurship for the National Science Foundation and at universities throughout the southeast. Mr. Freet also works with professors and researchers at Georgia Tech to create startup companies based on their research. He was the founder and CEO of VC-backed ATDC graduate company Racemi. Prior to founding Racemi, he was a founder and CTO of TruSOLUTIONS.

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