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University Hyper-Local Innovation Ecosystems: How to Grow & Leverage Your Strategic Potential

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Originally presented: September 10, 2013

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One of the hottest topics for universities lately is how to nurture and benefit from a hyper-local innovation ecosystem (Hy-LIE) — the accessible and integrated local community of start-up and mature companies, entrepreneurs, innovators, mentors and early-stage investors needed to bring university technologies and start-ups from the lab to the marketplace.

While you may not have heard this specific term, a high-functioning Hy-LIE will arguably be THE factor that separates your university from the competition in the future. Not only are Hy-LIEs essential to tech transfer programs in a direct way — that is, by ensuring all the pieces of the research commercialization puzzle are in place and accessible — they are expected by many experts to be critical in determining which universities remain in, ascend to, or fall out of the top tier of research universities. Without a vibrant Hy-LIE, even the most storied and prestigious institutions will not be able to sustain their position as top researchers and students migrate to schools that have the most powerful Hy-LIEs in place.

That’s why Technology Transfer Tactics’ Distance Learning Division recruited the top expert on Hy-LIEs, Mike Cohen, Director of Innovation Ecosystem Development at UC Berkeley Office of Technology Licensing, to lead this groundbreaking program:

University Hyper-Local Innovation Ecosystems:
How to Grow & Leverage Your Strategic Potential

Please join us for an in-depth look on how to create, strengthen, and sustain a vibrant Hy-LIE in your university community. Mr. Cohen will discuss:

  • Framework for How University Innovations Get Commercialized
    • The 4Ms:  Morphed, Mined, Milked & Marketed
    • University start-ups:  Spin-outs versus blast-outs
    • Co-founders versus uber-founders
  • Bifurcation of Activities that Drive Commercialization
    • Systematic activities that have an asymptotic impact
    • Organic activities that have an exponential impact (and are cost-effective)
  • University Hyper-Local Innovation Ecosystems
    • Definition & segmentation
    • Strategic Value
    • Role of accelerators
  • Best Practices to Foster a Vibrant University Hy-LIE

Meet Your Presenter:

Mike Cohen, Director of Innovation Ecosystem Development in UC Berkeley’s Office of Technology Licensing, drives initiatives, agreements and relationships that catalyze the commercialization of UC Berkeley innovations.  He has worked with over 50 start-ups, and he has spearheaded the licensing of innovations in numerous areas. Mr. Cohen has been named a recipient of the UC Berkeley 2012 Chancellor’s Outstanding Staff Award for: (1) developing unique strategies (i.e. the 4Ms) to maximize the commercialization of UC Berkeley innovations; (2) growing Berkeley’s hyper-local innovation ecosystem in ways that can bolster the university’s research enterprise and education mission — as well as drive local economic vitality; and (3) fundamentally changing the perception of Berkeley’s IP practices among faculty, entrepreneurs and investors. He has published six peer-reviewed journal articles related to managing university IP, commercializing university innovations, and leveraging university research to drive economic development.

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