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University IP Gap Funding Opportunities Revealed

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Originally presented: July 14, 2011

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The Valley of Death for TTOs looking to bring technologies to market is not always characterized by a lack of funding alone. On some campuses, the starvation of great ideas can arise from a barren cultural environment where innovation and entrepreneurism are viewed as a distasteful encroachment on the purity of scientific pursuits – even as the results of that science grow cobwebs and tumbleweeds roll down the laboratory hallways.

These two critical factors – a ready source of gap funding for research with high commercial potential, and an environment that supports business-minded research, and thus justifies the gap funding dollars needed – go hand in hand at universities with the most evolved innovation ecosystems, the most successful start-ups, and the most effective licensing efforts.

With this in mind, we’ve crafted a 90-minute program featuring two world-class leaders in successful research commercialization. They’ll outline proven tactics for creating new internal and external funding mechanisms, tapping more readily into existing funding channels, and fostering the university-wide culture needed to provide a strong foundation for that financial support — so you can bridge the Valley of Death and keep your promising early-stage technologies from dying on the vine. Join us for this critical seminar:

University IP Gap Funding Opportunities Revealed

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to consult with Krisztina “Z” Holly, vice provost for innovation at the University of Southern California and executive director for the USC Stevens Institute for Innovation, and Elias Caro, vice president of technology development for the Coulter Foundation. You’ll come away with dozens of practical ideas and how-to strategies for getting and applying the critical gap funding dollars you need to cultivate early-stage research and move it past the Valley of Death.

They’ll also offer expert guidance on building a cultural foundation that encourages vibrant gap funding, leadership strategies that breed strong financial support, and research and developmental milestones that should be etched in stone for gap funding eligibility.

Plus, you’ll get high-level strategies for:

  • Crafting creative approaches for attracting funding from various sources
  • Overcoming cultural challenges and political roadblocks in establishing the program
  • Improving project management to ensure funds are used effectively
  • Developing a self-sustaining innovation ecosystem

Your Expert Panel:

Krisztina “Z” Holly is an innovation expert who lives, works, and plays at the intersection of entrepreneurship, technology, design, and academia. As vice provost for innovation at the University of Southern California and executive director for the USC Stevens Institute for Innovation, she leads a team of over 30 to translate USC’s most groundbreaking ideas to market and develop educational programs to help faculty and students make maximum impact with their ideas. Holly brings to USC her experience as an engineer and serial entrepreneur, and is a frequent contributor to Businessweek and the Huffington Post. Before USC, she was founding executive director of MIT’s Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation, which has spawned over twenty startup companies that have raised over $300 million in capital.

Elias Caro Vice President of Technology Development for the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation, including Translational Research Partnerships in place at ten U.S. universities. Mr. Caro leads of the grant programs in biomedical re-search at the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation, where he joined in 2006. He has over 25 years of responsible technical and management level background and experience in major multinational corporations. From 1998 to 2006 in Beckman Coulter, he occupied positions of increasing responsibility as Vice President of Diagnostic R&D, President of the Biomedical Research Division and Executive Vice President in charge of International Diagnostics Commercial Operations and Worldwide Life Sciences. Elias has extensive international experience in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, France, Belgium, Japan and United States. From 1985 to 1998 for Coulter Corporation, Mr. Caro managed several inter-national operations in Latin America, France, Belgium and Japan.

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