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Combating Tricks, Traps and Deceits in University IP License Negotiations

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Originally presented: January 29, 2013

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Negotiating an IP license is the cherry on top of the commercialization sundae. With so much blood, sweat and tears — not to mention money and resources — invested in your IP, it can be very satisfying to sign on the dotted line … until you realize you’ve been snowed.

License negotiations are complex not only because they involve dense terms and clauses as well as competing interests, but also because they can be swayed significantly by emotions and human frailties. Every veteran tech transfer professional knows that the skilled negotiators on the corporate side will use every trick in the book to get a better deal, from feigning anger and citing “higher authorities” to playing your own administrators and faculty against you.

The negotiator’s playbook is filled with strategies to throw you off base, frighten, cajole, intimidate, bait-and-switch, flip-flop, and overpower you into making concessions that could cost your university literally millions in licensing revenues. To level the playing field, you need to know how to recognize these tactics, and how to counter them effectively without losing your cool, your negotiating position, or the deal itself.

That’s why Technology Transfer Tactics has constructed this one-hour program featuring veteran TTO negotiator Zachary Miles, Esq., deputy executive director for the University of Utah’s Technology Commercialization Office. In this lively and interactive session, he’ll offer an inside look at the emotional triggers corporate negotiators use in an effort to fluster, confuse, and push you into agreeing to terms that tip the scales of the deal in the licensee’s favor. Join us for:

Combating Tricks, Traps and Deceits
in University IP License Negotiations

Get ready for a revealing and valuable examination of the human, emotional factors and tactics that often shape a license negotiation. Order today and you’ll be armed with expert insights and strategic you can use to recognize and combat the ploys you’re sure to encounter in coming negotiations. Mr. Miles will discuss:

  • How to spot the tricks and traps, and how to counter them
  • Ensuring effective internal communication and avoiding “he said, she said” scenarios
  • Understanding your negotiating position, and using your strengths to your university’s advantage
  • Knowing when to give, when to take, and when to walk away
  • Specific examples of common negotiating ploys, along with specific responses
  • How to defuse the most contentious negotiations and preserve the deal

Your Expert Presenter:

Zachary Miles, JD, is Deputy Executive Director in the University of Utah’s Technology Commercialization Office. Zachary oversees the development of sound operational practices, procedures, systems and controls to ensure that intellectual property portfolios are effectively managed from initial receipt of an invention disclosure to final disposition of intellectual property rights.  Some of his responsibilities include reviewing and making changes to the organizational structure of the office, reviewing and modifying interactions with external and internal counsel, and updating boilerplate agreements. Zachary is also intimately involved with start-up companies based upon intellectual property owned by the University of Utah Research Foundation.  He is working closely with internal and external stakeholders to identify and implement best practices the University of Utah Technology Commercialization Office can implement to add value to its start-up companies and assist those companies in overcoming the financial “Valley of Death.”

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