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University Technology Commercialization Boot Camp

A 13-Session Distance Learning Collection
Format: On-Demand Video/Transcript, or DVD

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Price: $797
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This 13-session collection is a crash course in successful technology transfer featuring 25 of the country’s leading experts and TTO veterans (click here for details). Now you can have the entire collection to share with new hires, faculty inventors, start-up founders, and existing staff.

Tech transfer professionals are under pressure like never before to get more of their researchers’ innovations developed, funded, and commercialized — despite budget levels that never seem to grow even while administrators demand more, more, and more from you and your staff. Effective training and increased expertise among TTO staff and faculty are critical to boosting productivity in your tech transfer operations — but that same budget doesn’t typically allow for much in terms of professional development.

That’s why we’ve created the University Technology Commercialization Boot Camp. This convenient and cost-effective distance learning series — 13 recorded sessions featuring many of the leading tech transfer experts in the country — has been crafted to provide immediately useable guidance on a comprehensive range of research commercialization challenges, from encouraging disclosure and protecting your IP to funding, marketing, and licensing your TTO’s portfolio of innovations.

This A to Z boot camp series is designed to address a wide range of key issues along the commercialization continuum and provide practical, down-to-earth guidance that will give your staff and faculty a well-rounded understanding of their role in nurturing technologies toward the marketplace.

Professional education at a price you can afford, available whenever you need it for as many staff as you care to share it with

Each program in the 13-session, 18-hour University Technology Commercialization Boot Camp sells individually for $197 — but with this unique collection you get the entire series for just $797 – a savings of more than $1,750 off the individual pricing.

You get the on-demand video, transcript, and original program materials – and receive unlimited access for you, your staff and faculty. You can use this valuable collection over and over whenever the need arises, and share it freely throughout your organization!

University Technology Commercialization Boot Camp
includes these 13 outstanding sessions:
(Click on each title for more program information)

1. Fueling the Entrepreneurial Fire: Identifying and Cultivating Future Business Creators. Proven strategies and tactics for engaging with innovators, creating multi-faceted, high-energy environments, and offering a menu of resources that support and nurture entrepreneurship. Tap into your faculty and student body’s talent, creativity, and “innovation energy”!

2. Disclosure Assessment and Triage: “An Innovative Model for Patent Decision Making”. When receiving a new invention disclosure, the critical decision remains whether the invention should be turned back or carried forward on a path to commercialization. Discover a unique and proven-effective model for making that decision.

3. Dramatically Boost Disclosures by Utilizing Proven Technology Scouting Methods. Historically, technology “scouting” has been utilized in the private sector to mine university innovations and secure valuable research for the corporate pipeline. A growing number of TTOs are incorporating some of the same scouting strategies – and here’s how they’re dramatically increasing disclosure rates.

4. Effectively Use Patent Landscaping to Plot Your IP Commercialization Action Plan. Employing a patent landscaping approach can be highly useful to university TTOs. The results can be analyzed to identify certain patterns of patenting activity or trends in innovation for specific technology arenas, identifying white space as well as competition, and helping to guide your commercialization plan.

5. Patent Prosecution Cost-Saving Strategies: Increase Your TTO’s Filings Without Increasing Your Budget. Patent prosecution costs are at the very top of your TTO’s expense list, yet this huge percentage of your annual budget may seem largely outside your control. You’ll come away from this session with creative strategies you can adopt for immediate bottom-line benefits, significantly reducing your legal bills while improving the number and overall quality of your patent filings.

6. Building Data-Rich Market Validation Plans for University Technologies. Understanding the dynamics of the target market and the target buyer or licensee are vital elements of every assessment – and validating a customer need is also critical in making decisions regarding patent and other resource investments. This program will educate you on how to create a detailed validation plan that will ensure your decisions are informed not only by the technology’s potential, but also by market demand.

7. Low and No-Cost Solutions for Marketing University Innovations. Learn how to do more with less! Our presenters will teach you how to use low-cost techniques that bring in licensees without spending a fortune on marketing bells and whistles.

8. Break Down the Barriers to VC Funding for University Start-ups. Times have changed, and so have VC criteria for “fundable” technologies and new businesses. To attract the attention (and open the wallets) of venture capitalists, you need to prove your worth in terms of product, business model, market size, market differentiation, scientific and executive team, financial terms, risk profile, and more. This program will help you do just that!

9. University IP Gap Funding Opportunities Revealed. This program outlines proven tactics for creating new internal and external funding mechanisms, tapping more readily into existing funding channels, and fostering the university-wide culture needed to provide a strong foundation for that financial support. Use these tactics to help bridge the Valley of Death and keep your promising early-stage technologies from dying on the vine.

10. Building Better Licenses: Common Weaknesses and How to Strengthen Your Agreements. By using the methods described in this program, you’ll learn to carefully define terms, responsibilities, and compliance expectations up front. You will also minimize the chances of a host of future complications and disputes: under-reporting of royalties, failure to support the IP as promised, re-interpretation of definitions, complex sublicensing issues, and many others.

11. Licensing Tactics for University TTOs: How to Turn the Tables on Corporate Negotiators. Get an inside look at the corporate negotiators’ playbook! You’ll understand their tactics, predict their responses, know their next move, and anticipate their ploys and counters so you can be prepared and improve your negotiating position.

12. Reap the Benefits of a Strong Post-License Monitoring System. Most TTOs unwittingly let real dollars slip through the cracks by failing to adequately keep tabs of licensees – and their royalty payments – after the deal is done. This program will teach you how to create a systematic auditing process while maintaining positive relationships with licensees.

13. Licensee Red Flags: 12 Critical Signs that Should Trigger an Audit. By readily identifying the licensee red flags discussed in this program, you can avoid risk and recoup lost royalties, as well as optimize the efficiency of your audit process by focusing your attention on those licensees with the greatest chance of finding errors, omissions, and underpayments.

To make this outstanding collection most useful to you and your organization, with your purchase you receive:

  • On-Demand Video access to all programs
  • Transcripts to all programs
  • Access to all of the original program materials including slideshows and handouts for attendees
  • Note: A DVD copy of the collection is available for an additional $50.

Plus: You can share it throughout your organization when, where, and how best suits your training needs!

Our Guarantee of Quality and Value

We stand 100% behind the quality and value of our distance learning programs. If you are dissatisfied, simply let us know and we will send you an immediate refund of your entire order — no questions asked.

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The University Commercialization Boot Camp Features These 25 Expert Faculty

Daniel Burns, President, Daniel Burns & Associates

Judy Ann Byrd, CPA/CFF, CIRA, MBA, Director, Invotex Group Intellectual Property Management & Finance Practice

Montserrat Capedevila, Director of Sales, Marketing and International Relations, Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer

Elias Caro, Vice President of Technology Development, Wallace H. Coulter Foundation

Peter Durant, Partner, Nixon Peabody

Gerard Eldering, Founder and President, InnovateTech Ventures

Joy Goswami, MS, MBA, RTTP Senior Licensing Associate, University of Delaware Office of Economic Innovation and Partnerships

Peter Hanschke, Associate, Francis Moran & Associates, Director, Ateala Management Inc.

Keith Heidmann, JD, Quarles and Brady Intellectual Property Group

Krisztina “Z” Holly, Vice Provost for Innovation, University of Southern California, Former Executive Director, USC Stevens Institute for Innovation

Patrick J. Kelly, partner, Ballard Spahr
David M. Klein, Partner, New York office of Paul Hastings

Charles L. Leeck, PhD, JD, Quarles and Brady, Intellectual Property Practice Group

Kevin Lei, Associate Director, Emory University Office of Technology Transfer and Director, VentureLab Program

Scott D. Marty, JD, PhD, Associate, Intellectual Property Litigation Group, Ballard Spahr LLC.

Francis Moran, founder, Francis Moran & Associates and inmedia Public Relations Inc

John Morris, President and CEO, Technology 2020 (University of Tennessee)

Andrew Morrow, Technology Manager, University of Minnesota Office for Technology Commercialization

Nicole Nair, Senior Marketing Coordinator, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Office of Technology Management.

Kristie D. Prinz, Esq., Principal, The Prinz Law Office

Alec Schibanoff, Vice President of Marketing, GPC Group of Companies – General Patent Corporation, IPOfferings LLC, IP-Holdings LCC

Joshua Schuler, Executive Director, Lemelson-MIT Program

Jeffrey M. Sears, PhD, JD, Associate General Counsel, Columbia University

Todd Sherer, PhD, Associate Vice President for Research Administration and Director of Technology Transfer, Emory University

Bill St. John, Managing Director, Sciencejump Advisory Services

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