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Valuation Strategies for Tech Transfer Professionals: Know What Your IP is Worth and Maximize Your Revenue Opportunities

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Originally presented: November 07, 2007

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Valuation of your organization’s intellectual property is one of the trickiest — and most critical — challenges you face in the struggle to find your researchers’ innovations a commercial home. Tech transfer professionals are often caught in the middle of a frustrating tug-of-war, between inventors who want the moon for their IP and potential licensees who want to low-ball you to death.

If your numbers are too high, you may scare away a potential licensee, too low and you not only risk invoking the wrath of a powerful researcher, you also could be letting future revenues slip out of your hands. So how do you arrive at a valuation acceptable to all parties, that brings your institution maximum revenues — and that you can back up with credible data, analysis, and methodology?

Here’s your chance learn from one of the world’s leading technology valuation experts, who’ll give you the detailed strategies, proven methods, and how-to guidance you need to place the right value on your organization’s IP — and ultimately sign more licenses and get more revenue for your innovations.

Valuation Strategies for Tech Transfer Professionals:
Know What Your IP is Worth and Maximize Your Revenue Opportunities

There’s no single “right” way to approach valuation in every case, and there are pros and cons to each method, as well as a host of critical factors that can swing valuations in both directions. In this dynamic, interactive event — produced by Technology Transfer Tactics monthly newsletter — you’ll get detailed comparisons on the best (and worst) options, along with practical, actionable advice and guidance on optimal valuation strategies, so you’ll be confident you’re getting a fair price for your IP.

This presentation is priced at just $197 for either the online audiostream or the compact disc format. You will also be provided with the original conference handouts via online downloads.

Take the guesswork out of the valuation process!

In this 90-minute session, you’ll get useable guidance, methodologies, and tactics that will help you take the guesswork out of the valuation process.

Here’s what you’ll learn as you listen:

  • key factors affecting valuation
  • rules of thumb — when to use them and when not to
  • sources of data, benchmarks, and comparisons
  • how to make credible projections
  • establishing net present value
  • choosing the right method: cost-based, market-based, or income-based
  • digging deeper: direct, indirect, return on assets, excess earnings, premium pricing, relief of royalty, and cost avoidance methods
  • assessing the impact of risk on valuation
  • factoring in technology adoption lifecycle
  • when using decision trees, real options and Monte Carlo simulations makes sense
  • financial factors: discounted cash flow, NPV, payback, ROI, IRR
  • weighing intrinsic, synergistic, and strategic value to licensees
  • and much, much more!

Meet Your Speaker

Michael Lasinski is a Managing Director at Chicago-based intellectual property firm Ocean Tomo and is in charge of the company’s valuation practice area. One the world’s foremost experts on IP valuation, Mike has valued intellectual property and businesses in the context of licensing, sale, purchase (including purchase price allocation), corporate spin-outs, joint ventures, litigation (reasonable royalty and economic damage analyses) and tax-related transactions. Mike has completed more than 200 valuations during his professional career. He has spoken on the topics of IP valuation, IP licensing and IP tax strategies throughout the U.S. as well as internationally. In the strategy area, Mike has helped his clients establish intellectual property management subsidiaries, licensing departments and intellectual asset management groups throughout the world. He has also performed inventories of company IP (including patents, trademarks, software, trade secrets and other IP). In fulfilling such responsibilities, Mike has developed strategies for clients surrounding licensing, sale, donation and abandonment of IP. Mike is currently the Treasurer and a former co-chair of the Valuation and Taxation Committee of the Licensing Executives Society (LES). He is the current Vice Chair of the Valuation and Taxation Committee of the Intellectual Property Owners Organization.

Who Should Listen

Technology transfer managers and professionals, licensing specialists, IP attorneys and consultants, industry and government IP managers, investment professionals, and others with an interest in valuation of early-stage technologies.

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